The epidemic situation in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia is extremely serious.

Edited by Jay, Wenjin, Wenfei and Wenyou

The epidemic is severe in Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, where a third round of full-scale nucleic acid testing will be conducted from Dec 3rd. In addition, the Dongshan Community office in Manzhouli City has been updated as a high-risk area for the outbreak, and three areas have been classified as medium-risk ones. People in the high-risk area said that the gates of residential communities in the severely infected areas were blocked for at least 20 days.

On December 2, the Epoch Times reported that an announcement from the Manzhouli City Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Center indicated that the second round of full-scale nucleic acid testing had been completed and that a third round of nucleic acid testing would be conducted starting at 8:00 a.m. on December 3. On the same day, news from Command Center said, since December 2, 2020 at 00:00, Dongshan Community office was designated as CCP pneumonia epidemic high-risk areas. The day before, it was still a medium-risk area.

The owner of a car rental store in the Qinghua Park neighborhood of Dongshan Community said that now there are five confirmed cases in the Qinghua Park neighborhood, the neighborhood has been fully blocked, “lock you with iron gates, iron net, iron railings, do not let you in and out, do not let you move, not even let you go out, lock you at home”. The owner also said that the gates of the neighborhood are sealed, and every home is blocked, at least for twenty days.

A restaurant owner from New Century neighborhood of Dongshan Community said, because of the epidemic, food delivery is not allowed, restaurant can not be open, they can only stay at home, dare not go out. “Lock the neighborhood gates for not serious areas, lock neighborhood units doors for serious areas , do not let you move out of apartments, home is the only place to stay.” The owner said the neighborhood he lives has no confirmed cases, so they only lock the gate of neighborhood. “nucleic acid tests done twice already, there is a third round, tomorrow. A few cases confirmed once a test, a few cases confirmed once a test, it shall be done very often.”

The owner of a supermarket in the New Century Neighborhood told the Epoch Times reporter that the epidemic was quite serious in the area, with no one on the street, restaurants closed, and too many cases in several neighborhoods, such as Zarainuoer Community, there are many cases in more than 10 neighborhoods. Tomorrow we will have the third nucleic acid test, and probably the fourth.

On November 26, Manzhouli City declared the 24-hour closed management for 6 residential neighborhoods in Dongshan Community Office and North District Community Office and South District Community Office; 191 neighborhoods to implement the “three must” management, that is, the mask must be worn, body temperature must be checked, health code must be scanned.

In addition, at a press conference yesterday (December 1), Guo Xiaofang, deputy mayor of the Manzhouli City Government, said that the city began the second round of full nucleic acid testing at 2:00 p.m. on November 27 and ended at noon on November 29, with a total of about 203,400 people sampled and eight people tested positive, seven of whom were confirmed cases and one asymptomatic infected. The eight people were: three close contacts detected in the centralized isolation area, one detected in the 10-to-1 mixed-tube screening in the city, and four detected in the Zalaynir district.

However, the bulletin did not disclose the number of close contacts of those who tested positive, or the movements of the eight patients over the past 14days.

Only a dictatorial state like the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would impose a complete lockdown of any community with confirmed cases, even blocking homes for at least 20 days, in spite of the fact that the forced lockdown would most likely lead to a humanitarian crisis and the people under its brutal rule would be worse than dogs and pigs. The CCP has created a human catastrophe in which countless infected people have died alone and countless families have been torn apart and even exterminated! Only when the truth is revealed to the world can the 1.4 billion people wake up. The day the firewall is overthrown is the day the Chinese Communist Party will be destroyed.

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