CCP Virus Ep303-304-video: Li yi, the pandemic is beneficial to our regime (the CCP)

  • The authorities have applied a Xinjiang-like tight control in Beijing. They can use health code and phone apps like “Health Kit” to restrict travel for dissidents: “Health Kit” was introduced by the autorities as an utility for disease prevention, but in reality, it’s for tracking and restricting children and elderly people with help of other adults, because they usually do not have a phone.
  • As debt defaults are happening across China, CCP’s Vice-Premier Liu He called a meeting with the Financial Committee of the State Council to discuss the problem.
  • Retired civil servants protested against the unfairness and inequality of their pension in front of the city hall in Changsha. They were chanting “Arise, those who refuse to be slaves”, a verse in the national anthem.
  • A bumper harvest turns into a big challenge: The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda just stated the national grain reserve is facing challenge after autumn harvest. Therefore, the CCP is increasing its import of rice from India.
  • Li Yi, a scholar sent by the CCP in the U.S, gives a speech upon his return to China : China has 1.4 billion people, only more than 4,000 people died, which means nothing; the pandemic is beneficial to our regime (the CCP). Communist China is giving a hard time for the Americans to survive and will surpass the United States in 2027.
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