“How come a cabbage in Jun County costs 39 RMB?”, the article on GMW.cn indicates that the food crisis may have arrived in Communist China.

Author’s comment:  Absolutely, Why? All fake! the truth is that there’s not enough food to supply!

An article was posted on GMW.cn on November 25, 2020, titled “how come a cabbage in Jun County costs 39 RMB?”. In the article, it was reported that a cabbage banded “Xiaohe” from the “Cabbage Digital Agriculture Industrial Park”, Xiaohe Town, Jun County, Hebi City, Henan Province, is sold up to 39 RMB. It is also pointed out that “cabbage price” (meaning low price) is being redefined.

The normally so-called “cabbage price” is about 1.2 RBM per kilogram on average. Cabbages from the “Cabbage Digital Agriculture Industrial Park” emerge as a banded one with a sudden jump in price to the level of a “Jiaozhou cabbage”. There are two reasons given in the article for the spike in price:

  1. The first one is due to the good location where Xiaohe Town is sited. However, the argument is that the town’s located at the same place for decades, if not centuries, why the cabbage price skyrocketed out of sudden recently?
  2.  The second one is due to the precision farming, precision irrigation, precision fertilization, and automatic monitoring of agricultural conditions at the park with using intelligent film-linked greenhouses.  However, the argument is that the most important factors are soil, air, sunlight and water for quality cabbages. Besides those facility improvements, there is not mentioning whether the lead level in the soil exceeds the standard, whether or not the sunlight gets the effects of haze, or is the air clean?

Speaking about 39 RMB for a cabbage, it is not the first case. It was sold for 40 RMB per cabbage in Jiaozhou, Shandong province a few years ago. The reason for that is that “Jiaozhou cabbage” has been known since ancient times as a tribute. And due to its rare and valuable nature, the price is sky-high.

However, in Henan province, the cabbage is always sold at the “cabbage price”. So why the price jumps suddenly?

The reason being: 1) testing the bottom line for the imminent food crisis.  If the common people can tolerant, then the next will be a flood of expensive food. 2) as precaution, controlling and directing the public in the direction at their (the CCP) desire.

In summary, the skyrocketed price of cabbage is no accident. Mr. Guo has repeatedly warned about the food crisis in Communist China via live streaming, as well as the five strategies of Shang Yang. And little by little, everything that Mr. Guo warned about is unfolding. Hopefully, more of our compatriots in the Communist China will wake up and actively save themselves, instead of becoming unnecessary victims following the devil (the CCP)’s vanishing.



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