[Commentary] CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare as Seen through Eastern Profit Corporation vs Strategic Vision

Author: Magnum 44

Who is Miles Guo in Eastern Profit Corporation vs Strategic Vision1? The short answer is: Miles Guo is the first person to warn the world of the CCP’s “unrestricted warfare”, a terminology known to only a few Americans till 2020 but widely familiar to millions of his Chinese followers who regularly listened to his podcasts in the past 3 years.

Miles Guo is also the most wanted person by the CCP. As early as January 26, 2017, Miles Guo became an Internet sensation among the Chinese people2. He single-handedly blew the whistle on the CCP, exposing their corruption on all levels. His outspoken, courageous, and information-based speeches and critics against the CCP soon drew huge crowd of Chinese audiences on the Internet. From there, an organic movement started, known in the year 2020 as “the Whistleblower Movement”. In a span of 3 years, most of these people broke through the firewall of China almost on daily basis to watch Miles Guo on his anti CCP messages and CCP’s insider’s information that he fed on live stream. These are the common people called “Laobaixing” by Steve Bannon, and they shared the agony with Miles Guo the moment they realized that they had been enslaved by the CCP and that the CCP had lied to them all their lives. Like the effect of President Trump’s speeches, Mile Guo’s repeated message resonate with the Chinese people. A number of his audiences are also CCP officials, security, law enforcement, and otherwise. And, these are the people who feed Miles Guo insider’s information because they too wish that CCP could be destroyed one day.

It is hard to imagine that the two defendants in Eastern Profit Corporation vs Strategic Vision, Case 1:18-cv-02185-LJL, Michael Waller and French Wollap, would not have any knowledge of what had been going on with Miles Guo on the Internet in the two years prior to their claim that Miles Guo is or “may be a CCP spy” 3-4. Common knowledge tells us that no spy would make noises on the Internet or elsewhere to attract attention, let alone a double agent. That is correct! Following Strategic Vision’s claim, the Wall Street Journal claimed that Miles Guo was a doubt agent5, and CNN host Erin Burnett claimed that they had breaking news that Miles Guo was a CCP spy6. Was this just another piece of fake news with absolutely no proof? It seems that fake news does not need the support of evidence, because people who listen to fake news do not question its authenticity. In the Hitler’s era, the Third Reich’s propaganda machine effectively brain washed all Germans. However, no other regime is better at faking than the Chinese Communist Party. It controls everything of what people can access, see, or hear, from TV to newspaper, and from cell phone to the Internet. More outrageously, it exported its propaganda mechanism overseas. It is alleged that the CCP state company Gehua owns CNN and the New York Times. Besides money talks, what else is real?

An interesting aspect of the Eastern Profit Corporation vs Strategic Vision is that Miles Guo alleged that the defense attorney fees were not paid by the two defendants. If that is the case, Miles Guo insisted that the information on whoever paid the fees to Attorney Edward D. Greim be disclosed. Attorney Edward D. Greim seemed to have a hard time handling the challenge. At one point, he indicated that his fee issue was irrelevant, or the information was privileged. When pressed for a response, Attorney Greim allegedly told the court that if the plaintiff insisted on showing proof that he was not paid by any CCP affiliated agent or company, then he had no choice but to resign from the case. This instantly translates into: Attorney Greim would rather resign than show who had paid him. In other words, the desire to hide where his fees came from surpasses that of anything else in this case.

As the saying goes: follow the money. The CCP is everywhere and follow its money trail! Do not forget that the war it launched against the United States is that of the unrestricted warfare. It fought with us outside the box, in all dimensions: bioweapon, information, technology, finance, politics, social and news media, Internet hacking, military infiltration, and religion. The CCP virus is a bioweapon. The election frauds, as seen through the Dominion voting machines can be traced all the way to CCP’s software Sequoia. The swamp that President Trump has always wanted to drain is all due to the CCP’s successful GBY’s plan7. Big Tech companies, Twitter, Face Book, and Google, all received CCP’s money. The Wall Street has been colluding with the CCP companies for years. Gehua can tell CNN what they should say and tell New York Times what they should write since part of their paycheck is provided by the Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China. The Vatican had just signed another contract with the CCP for money laundry. Otherwise, the CCP could blackmail the Pope at any time with evidence of child sexual abuse that CCP received when hacking into Vatican’s computer system. What else is there to attack? Perhaps the US military is the last front that has not been infiltrated as much. However, if we are still waiting for a miracle to happen, the US military will be taken over.

God has created the United States of America to be the leading country of the Western Civilization. God is looking at us in this turmoil year of 2020, and God has decided to help us. Miles Guo, Steven Bannon, and Donald J. Trump, along with his three great lawyers, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Attorney Lin Wood, and Attorney Sidney Powell will keep our country safe from the “Ultimate War” launched by the Chinese Communist regime. Together, we will wake up the Americans on this last call from God!

Reviewer: Ivy


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