Mr. Giuliani, a Hero of the World, Quiet and Humble

In the live broadcast on November 14, 2020, Mr. Miles Guo said that Mr. Giuliani is a hero of America, a hero of the world, and yet he is quiet and humble. Right at the moment when the dark forces are about to destroy America and the West, they are saved by the courageous Mr. Giuliani along with Atty. Sidney Powell, Mr. Steve Bannon, Atty. Lin Wood, and many more such heroes. Mr. Guo expressed that his deep respect “for Mr. Giuliani is like the torrential waves of a river.”

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Brothers and sisters, after these trivial subjects, let’s switch to something more serious. Brothers and sisters, with the U.S. election unfolding, it is getting more and more ‘slippery’ (absurd) now, more and more so. In U.S. history, rarely a district judge and a federal judge have ruled on a case 3 times in the same day. What does it mean, my BIAs? Can you think of anything more absurd than this?

The chaos throughout the US, the kind of chaos and darkness in the U.S. justice system. Look at that Arizona – right before a hearing took place there, they immediately announced that Biden has won the election. What a big revelation! A massive bombshell! Now not only has Mr. Giuliani become a hero of America, but definitely a hero of the world.

Someone from a certain org. told me a week ago, “The CCP definitely has become a rat on the run all over the world. Mr. Giuliani is definitely the hero of the world.” “Mr. Giuliani, an American, is truly the best role model internationally, in terms of humanitarianism and law-abiding. He is exemplary of the American spirit in the world.” I made the two points as above. “Miles, fascinating!”

I said, “One day, you will forget what you said, but you’ll remember these two sentences: In terms of all religions including Catholic, Christian, and even Islam, Mr. Giuliani is a devout believer of religion, a true protector of the law in the West. Mr. Giuliani, because of his bravery, his sense of justice…his courage despite being in his 70’s, and because of his faith in God, he will once again turn things around in the West. No more ‘worship money as if it’s one’s father’, but rather ‘worship God’.” “Ahhh, brilliantly put!” said the friend.

Another point is that Mr. Giuliani’s really opened the eyes of the US and the West, he’s made the world awakened to the fact that communism and socialism nearly succeeded in taking down the West, this maritime civilization. That is, the countries that are based on Catholicism and Christianity. And right at the moment when they are about to be defeated, it is Mr. Giuliani who has saved the day, (almost) single handedly. Of course, along with him are Atty. Sidney Powell, Mr. Steve Bannon, Atty. Lin Wood, and many more such heroes. Absolutely heroes. I said, “These heroes will make many people: the European descendants, African descendants, Asian descendants, re-contemplate about religions to varying degrees.” I said, “He truly is a hero who has saved the West, the maritime civilization. the civilization of religion. Admit or not, this is the truth.”

This Jewish friend commented, “From the perspective of the Jewish people, this time Giuliani truly has become a real hero in America.” I said, “We are envious of you people having someone like Giuliani. Had we Chinese had a few Giuliani’s, the CCP wouldn’t have ruled China for 70 yrs.”

So what is Mr. Giuliani working on now? Please note, he’s got two brilliant moves not revealed yet. The charm of Mr. Giuliani, as you may see in the future… He is this kind of hero, quiet and humble. You see him come and go, but he never asks others to carry bags for him. You never see him acting arrogantly. He never draws spotlight to himself. He is a very quiet hero. Hope you all may have realized this – a very quiet hero, and this is Mr. Giuliani.

I said, “After Pres. Trump gets reelected, he may just quietly retreat to his original role.” Hardly any of us Chinese can be like this. His character, his faith, and his energy all make for a perfect heroic personality. Not only that, he remains so self-restraint without flaunting even a bit. He’s got two biggest trump cards, which he’s not said a word about. As far as I know, some bad news will find their way to some world-famous figures. With all these in the bag, Giuliani hasn’t breathed a word.

Great self-positioning indeed when he talks with Pres. Trump – either in front the camera or in life. His respect for Pres. Trump is from the heart. His support for Pres. Trump is from the heart. His love for America exceeds his own life, 100%. His faith in Catholicism, his faith in God is 100%. That’s why he can remain self-restraint at the most critical moment. This is Giuliani. The big things coming up will make you re-recognize Mr. Giuliani.

My respect for Mr. Giuliani is like the torrential waves of a river. Torrential waves! Had we Chinese had a few Giuliani’s, we Chinese wouldn’t have ended up like this. Really, wouldn’t have…

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