President Trump: “This is probably the most important speech I’ve ever given.”

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On Wednesday, President Trump spoke online about the fraudulent impact of the 2020 election.

He said, “If we don’t eradicate fraud, the huge and terrible fraud that happened in our 2020 election, we won’t have another county.”

President Trump said the results of the swing state elections contained a large number of illegal votes. He said, “Millions of votes were cast illegally in the swing states alone, and if that is true, the results in the individual swing states must be overturned immediately.”

In his speech, he said, “We have major irregularities or outright fraud in all of the swing states, and the number of votes far exceeds what is needed to overturn the results of the state.”

President Trump declared, “I have no higher duty as President than to defend the laws and the Constitution of the United States.” He said, “That’s why I’m determined to protect our electoral system, which is currently under concerted attack and siege.”

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1 month ago

it is the important time to take down the ccp,

1 month ago

Hold Fast, God Love’s YOU