Observing from Wang Yi’s Visit to Japan & Korea to the CCP’s Politburo Meeting held at the End of November: What’s Next for the CCP?

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Recently, there were two  pieces of news caught our attention.   One was about Wang Yi’s visit to Japan and Korea.  The other was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held a Politburo meeting, hosted by Xi Jing to deliberate on three regulations, namely, the “Military political Working Regulation”, “CCP United Front Working Regulation” and “CCP members’  Right Preservation Regulation”. 

First of all, let’s talk about why Wang Yi visited Japan and Korea.  During Wang’s visit to Japan, both parties did not touch on the topic of Xi’s visit to Japan.  They only reached certain level of agreement on how to strengthen economic ties and social exchange.  They discussed about the issues concerning the controversial Senkaku Islands.  Wang proposed that with the exception of the both countries’ official ships, all other ships shall not be allowed to enter the Senkaku Islands and its surrounding seas.  In other words, neither fishing boats nor military ship can enter into that area but to that, Japan official declined.  As for Wang’s visit to Korea, a number of topics were discussed ranging from Xi’s future visit of Xi Jinping’s future visit to Korean, denuclearization of Korea peninsular to the cooperation in handling COVID. 

Judging from Wang Yi’s visit to Japan, the CCP intended to stop Japanese military ships from entering Senkaku Islands area in exchange of halting its own Chinese fishing boats from entering in the same area, but Japan refused such proposal.  An anonymous official from Japan’s marine self-defence force once told a journalist that if China attacks Taiwan, the self-defence force will act swiftly in accordance to the “event” prescribed under its southwest area defence guidance.  This would set a basis for Japan to dispatch its troops to support Taiwan if one day the CCP attacks Taiwan.

On the South Korean front, Wang Yi has met with Korea president Moon Jae-in in Seoul, and we all know Moon is a pro-communist.  Even Moon has won the election this April with a supermajority victory, according to the materials uncovered from the current US election, the CCP actually controls Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems through Sequoia Capital and Carlyle Capital, and along with companies from few other countries, including one owned by the former premier of South Korea Park Tae Jun.  We cannot help but ask whether Moon’s presidential win was an outcome of a rigged election.  The answer is quite obvious, which explains why Moon closely follows the CCP. 

Now let’s take a look at the CCP’s Politburo meeting hosted by Xi,  during which three regulations were reviewed: 1. Military Political Working Regulation;  2. CCP United Front Working Regulation; 3. CCP Members’ Right Preservative Regulation.  With respect to the “Military Political Working Regulation”, the purpose is to ensure Military will remain absolutely loyal to the services of the CPP leadership, in other words, strictly obey Xi’s order.  Regarding to the “CCP United Front Working Regulation”,. it again emphasized that the need to strengthen the Party’s centralized and unified leadership of the united front work, and proposed to unite all forces that can be united and strengthen all aspects of work through centralized leadership under Xi’s guide.  Combine this with Wang Yi’s visits; they aim at the same goal.  At a state level, Wang’s trip in reaching out to South Korea was rather successful but the trip to Japan did not seem to go as smoothly.  Nonetheless, we must stay vigilant and watch closely at how the CCP’s infiltration forces operate in various countries throughout the world.

From the above two regulations, the message which CCP would like to tell its people is that the Chinese military force must be loyal to the CCP, in other words, be loyal to Xi.   Meanwhile, the CCP’s intervention in the US election is being continuously exposed, and President Trump will no doubt be re-elected.  It is foreseeable that there will be a military conflict between China and America in the near future.  Taiwan will be one of the hot spots.  The CCP wants to get itself prepared to attack Taiwan. But insofar, its attempt in reaching out to Japan hasn’t been successful.  Nonetheless, the CCP may well use North Korea and / or South Korea to stir some trouble in the area near Japan. We don’t know but it is possible.  At the same time, the infiltrated force inside Japan may also halt the possibility for Japan in helping Taiwan if the CCP attacks Taiwan.

The “CCP Members’ Right Preservative Working Regulation” was the third regulation reviewed in the meeting.  It was said to encourage individual party members to fulfill their roles.  That is, all party members must be united and follow the party even more closely.  It requires the party members to carrying out monitoring activities.  The party members are encouraged to report and inform to the party about one and another, so the CCP can eliminate dissidents, thereby enabling the CCP to achieve a reign of terror.  Using this practice to maintain power will inevitably lead to an increasing unstable regime.  It reminds us about the Ming Dynasty.  The emperor of Ming Dynasty had the tradition to encourage people to inform secretly. When the foreign tribes invaded from outside,  no one stepped forward to help the Emperor Chonzhen, resulting in the rapid demise of the Ming Dynasty, and the same fate awaits for the CCP regime.

Author: 【G-Translator/North America Group -Evalu】

Proofreader: Yvil

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