Condensed Summary of Mr. Mask’s Show (12/01/2020)

Translated by Himalaya CT-KY
Edited by Himalaya CT-64 Himalaya, Antsee-GTV
Proofreading and revised by -YH
Editor: Himalaya CT-V

Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I’m Mr. Mask.

Today, Mr. Lude of Himalaya TV suddenly broke the news of Meng Jianzhu’s illegitimate son Jho Low. Miles Guo talked about this person back in 2017 and 2018. The bad things Jho Low did in the United States can be understood through a video footage of Miles Guo filmed in 2018. U.S. election today exactly revealed the power of BGY and exposed the corruption of the entire DOJ, CIA, FBI and many individuals with close ties to Jho Low. Among all the parties involved in the implementations of BGY plan including HNA, Jho Low is the key figure behind the swamp.

Miles Guo also broke a lot of news in today’s live broadcast, including a series of military bases deployed by CCP through CNOOC in Bahamas and Cuba. Miles Guo also briefly exposed the threats CCP imposed on US national security agencies and military personnel during a talk show in 2018. To sanction CNOOC and many other companies will soon become official actions by the United States. In addition, when talking about Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Guo mentioned that Mr. Giuliani had two “nuclear weapons” that would be used at the final moment in this battle. And he is now brewing the coffee and waiting for the right time. Almost everything that happened has a positive impact on President Trump’s re-election. Facts have proved that the general election was manipulated by CCP and the ballots were fabricated.

This is the core of the core. CCP’s military expansion and threats are linked to today’s live broadcast of Miles Guo. The United States has long realized that CCP’s military ambitions and intentions for modernization and expansion. When the unrestricted warfare is no longer useful, CCP will conduct a military strike against the United States without a warning. President Trump has imposed sanctions on these military companies to hinder CCP from further development. With regard to the role played by the Whistleblower Movement, is it a coincidence that the intelligence and information exposed by whistleblowers are well echoed by President Trump’s action?

Mr. Guo has made it clear that this US action is determined to end CCP. No wonder, CCP also wants the same with the United States, by spreading the coronavirus, manipulating US general election, destroying the core democratic system of the United States, and deploying various military bases. If going for a war right now, the only party that will be destroyed is CCP. No doubt about it. Therefore, CCP boosted patriotism in the country and made preparations for the actual battle, claiming to target Taiwan, but actually the United States.

Regarding what Jho Low has done, according to Miles Guo’s previous revelations, first of all, he has connections with many important senior officials in the US judicial department and other departments. Secondly, what many people have overlooked is that Jho Low and HNA have their hands on arms trade in the Middle East including Qatar. Almost everyone who does the most important thing for CCP has a genital relationship with CCP. Today, Mr. Lude also broke the news that Jho Low is the illegitimate son of Meng Jianzhu(former Secretary of Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China) and one of his mistress’ daughter.

Comrades, have you gotten the key takeaway? The pathway is HNA and Jho Low. Don’t look at these incidences separately. Jho Low’s biological mother, Liu Chengjie’s biological mother, Guan Jun’s biological mother, is it only Low Tezuo doing these things? This is the beginning of a new era of the Whistleblower Movement in my opinion. We certainly cannot imagine what these people are doing in the United States and the West. How could those military bases in the Middle East and the Bahamas be built little by little? The sanctions recently imposed by President Trump, although far from enough as commented by Mr. Guo, must be related to these. Now the sanctions are imposed on the entities. Next step it may be on the individuals. Which CCP’s illegitimate child is not in the Western world? Are these people related to the absurd things happening in the United States today? Mr. Giuliani’s nuclear weapons have not been used yet. For your reference, he is best at cracking down on the thugs. What CCP did revealed themselves as the worst thugs. There is no essential difference. This is a new beginning.

The real big tiger in the United States is from the inside. Think about what the United States was like before. All is peaceful and good. The election like today and the downturn of the United States, the major cause is that someone in the United States are working with CCP. Without the conspiracy between those, how can CCP succeed? The United States will no longer be like it as it is now. From now on, our comrades-in-arms should see that the Whistleblower Movement has reached a new period, that is, from an appeal to an official US action. If you understand it thoroughly, you know what will happen next.

My comrades-in-arms, we must firmly believe that the challenge facing the United States today is only from the exposure of the unrestricted warfare and the BGY forces. The real power that has the final call resides in the military. Because CCP has already made all preparations to kill the Americans, it is fully committed to do so. That left the United States and the world no choice. If CCP is given more room, the rest of the world will be wiped out immediately if it does not take action. Today, I think it is no surprise seeing an election like this and the President of the United States affected by the virus. The bombs shells are coming in a few days. The bombs were 1,000 or 10,000 in Pearl Harbors. This is why Miles Guo said today that when he exploded these things, CCP knew what’s coming next. These make the US military dumbfounded, and the Americans tremble when they hear it, and the whole world is in an uproar. CCP is deliberately prepared for a war. Calls from the Whistleblower Movement are gradually becoming the official actions by the United States. Think about what Miles Guo will explode next, what will happen in the world, what actions the United States will take, or is it not just a trade war? It is impossible.

This speech by Mr. Giuliani has given us a better understanding of this old man, full of c compassion for this country and defense of justice. In his speech, he said that his colleagues in the legislature should stand up and bravely defend the voting rights of the United States. Their names will stay in history because of their bravery. Many ancestors once stood up and sacrificed their political careers to fight for the rights that the United States has now. It can be seen from this that Mr. Giuliani is confident about the outcome. He knows well about what will impact his control and what will be the end-result. When the country needs it most, he will be the strong backing of these people who stand up. It is also important to shout out to the people who are still on the opposite side of President Trump, show them the sympathies and tell them stop being a fool and harming the United States together with the CCP. There is no good ending out it. In other word, he knows what’s coming – whoever stands on the opposite side will be removed.

CCP’s Reference News said that the United States had blatantly intervened in Hong Kong affairs and China sanctioned four US personnel involved in Hong Kong. China announced on Monday that it would impose sanctions on the heads of agencies under the US government as a response to their “blatant intervention in Hong Kong affairs.” This tells us, on the other side, that the United States has not forgotten Hong Kong, and CCP has taken some actions because of US’ standing on Hong Kong. This kind of friction is inevitable, including more sanctions on these people involved.

Which companies will be sanctioned next? My comrades in arms, which companies have Miles Guo mentioned in his past revelations, now let’s see what happened? In addition, today, it seems that Mr. Lude is ready to break the news about Jho Low, and it seems that a new battlefield has been opened up. Let’s check out Mr. Guo’s previous video about Liu Chengjie and Guan Jun.

Through these revelations, everyone knows that Miles Guo has a good knowledge of these people in CCP, their DNAs, the games they are playing , and what is architectural art projects. CCP’s genitals (Nepotism) rule the country, genital wars, incest wars, CCP’s wicked, crooked, and deceitful and everyone has to bow down. Mr. Lude began to reveal that Jho Low and Meng Jianzhu ties to China’s political and legal system, and Jho Low’s BGY plan overseas, military bases in the South China Sea, and arms trade in the Middle East. So my comrades, the news of another dimension may be about to open. The comrades in arms, be tough!

Well, thank you for your support, we will see you next time!

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