【Gnews Breaking News】CNN Exposed: CNN President Jeff Zucker suggests encouraging audience to connect 911 attack with President Trump’s not conceding the election

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O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, unmuted himself into a CNN 9 am editorial meeting and informed the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, that he had been recording theirs calls for months!

O’Keefe broadcasted the revelation live on twitter. The audience could hear the frantic reaction the revelation caused in the conference call.

In a recording dropped by O’Keefe, Zucker stated that “I would encourage folks to think about that 9-11 commission report and the lack of transition.” 

Zucker was not comparing 9-11 attack to President Trump’s not conceding and hence “lack of transition”. What he intended to do here was fearmongering. The 9-11 commission report indicated that what happened to America on 9-11 was due to lack of transition  that resulted in intelligence not being shared among all agencies.

Zucker wanted people to believe that something as awful and heinous as 9-11 attack would happen if President trump  does not allow transition. 

Zucker can be rest assured that President Trump  is not trying to stop transition. President Trump’s action  is admirable as he is just trying to expose the huge amount of election irregularities.

It’s well within his rights not to concede. Let the process work. Count all LEGAL votes. He deserves it.  The American people deserve it.

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