Share America: China’s Manipulative Use of International Organizations

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Share America published an article on November 29th stating that the Chinese Communist Party manipulates and uses international organizations.

According to the report, the Chinese Communist Party lobbied the World Health Organization not to declare the coronavirus epidemic a public health emergency of international concern, after this disastrous decision was made in January, the Chinese Communist Party prevented a WHO working group from investigating the origins of the massive outbreak and China’s response.

In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has blocked cooperation with Taiwan through its influence on UN agencies, excluded a representative of the repressed Uighur minority from UN meetings, and facilitated a CCP 5G communications company that poses a significant security threat to other countries.

According to the report, the CCP has used its reliance on predatory lending for development to gain influence over other countries in order to gain leadership positions in four of the 15 specialized agencies of the United Nations. These include the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the International Telecommunication Union. In the same election, Beijing pledged to invest $25 million in Uganda in exchange for their vote.

The article suggests that it is not just the number of leadership positions held by CCP officials in the United Nations specialized agencies that poses a problem for the rules-based international order. CCP officials also use these positions to advance the party’s focused goals, rather than the interests of the organization.

Share America is the U.S. State Department’s platform for articulating U.S. foreign policy toward the world.

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