Life Needs Correct Planning and Navigation in the Humane Way

The topic we are discussing today is relevant to all of us. Think about our lives, we came to the earth without any knowledge of health; we get married without knowing the meaning of marriage; we become parents without understanding education; we walk into the society without knowing how to behave; we start a business without knowing how to run it; and we have to face all kinds of diseases, pains, worries and even death without understanding what life is. We did feel lost until we exposed to traditional culture. Not only are us, the whole world, including people of the West not on the right path. Are these some of the most important things we need to learn in this life? These subjects are issues that each of us urgently needs to address and face, but unfortunately we don’t understand them, so we need to learn, and only when we learn them well can we have control over our lives. The failure of education across the world is only useless and constantly expiring knowledge is taught. The current situation of China is to step on the watermelon rind and slide to where it is, and the CCP tells people to cross the river by feeling the stones.

If the river is shallow, the challenge is not big, people can still feel their way across it, what about a rough life fraught with difficulties and frustration? How to feel the way across it? They must have been washed away. Feeling the stones to cross the river is such a stupid thing because they do not know above the river is actually a bridge and countless people have used the bridge for thousands of years.

There are actually three different states of life, survival, existence and life. Survival is to live; a vast majority of Chinese people are busy with survival every day. Some people have good living condition, including those descendants of corrupt officials, but their living is called existence at best because they do not understand life. They are also suffering, confused and encountered all kinds of problems in life that they cannot solve. How to solve these problems is not a matter of being rich. It is the wisdom that makes life meaningful, not only knowledge and skills. Life is about meaning, existence is about quality, and survival is about living only. However, the CCP makes people pursue survival only, at most makes them exist to live like pigs and makes their lives meaningless, which is brainwashing. So we need to be enlightened and learn things useful. The values of the vast majority of Chinese people and the whole society are reversed that lead to so many problems. The entire education system and ideological system is biased and wrong.

The four problems of Chinese society are like driving a car with only gas and no brakes on the wrong side of the road, with no traffic rules and no GPS navigation system, and the consequence must be a car crash. To sum up, we have four problems. The first one is that we do not know the law and way so that we don’t know how to follow it. The second one is that we need to know when to stop, which means that there are certain things that we would do and not do, especially when it comes to danger, not to fall victim to greed and lust. The third one is to make sure the direction is right. The last one is the lack of systematic direction of guidance, which is very crucial as life needs correct planning and navigation in the humane way.

In the next episode, we are going to compare two different life paths!


Author: Lily  阳光小曦

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/02

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