CCP Virus Ep305-306-video: “Serving the people” is just a deceptive slogan of the CCP

  • In the name of epidemic prevention, the CCP has reduced the number of passports issued by 99.95% and entered a state of “closed-door lockdown”!
  • The CCP has launched an online ID certificate to monitor all users’ online activities; the electronic ID authorization will require a bound cell phone, other personal information such as Alipay, face scanning, and fingerprints, and all will be directly transmitted back to the police security database.
  • “Serving the people” is just a deceptive slogan of the CCP. In Hubei, an elderly woman came to the Medical Insurance Bureau to pay her medical insurance on a rainy day, but was rejected by the staff using the excuse of “No cash, Alipay only”. No further support was offered to this helpless lady.
  • For the third time, India banned 43 CCP background apps including Alibaba and Alipay on national security grounds.
  • (Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos, before House Administration Committee, 1/9/2020, C-Span) We do have components in our products that come from China and I don’t know the exact percentage. For example, LCD components, the glass screen on the interface, down to the chip component level of capacitors and resistors.  Several of those components, to our knowledge, there’s no option for manufacturing of those in the U.S.
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