Sky news: Chinese regime disgraced itself

If the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is going down, it wants to carry all the Chinese people with it!

A doctored image of an Australian Soldier threating an Afghan child with a knife recently stirred up the fury of the Australian public, if not of the entire world.

Following the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s rebuke against the self-disgraced post from an official twitter account operated by the CCP, Sky news host Christ Smith also broke his silence about this shameful conduct of low morality and the lack of diplomacy.

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During his 6-minute talks, Chris Smith hit back hard on the CCP without losing his logical grounds and manners.

In particular, he put the Prime Minister’s speech in relation to a gesture during wartime. 

I understand every bit of Chris’ reasoning, and I also believe that Australians has every right to be seething over this reckless behavior directed by the CCP.

In my opinion, this is a critical signal released by the CCP to create a hostile atmosphere between the Chinese people and the rest of the world. In doing so, the CCP will be able to further deploy its manipulation over the Chinese people, with the help of its cyber firewall which has prevented those who live in China from understanding the world for over many decades.

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