Trump Announced That He Will Terminate Section 230

Reported by MOS Rica Machioni

Later tonight, President Donald Trump announced on his Twitter that Section 230 must be terminated due to National Security and Election Integrity issues. Following the post, he stated that if the National Defense Authorization Act did not successfully terminate the Section, he would veto the decision. 

“Section 230, which is a liability shielding gift from the U.S. to “Big Tech” (the only companies in America that have it – corporate welfare!), is a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity. Our Country can never be safe & secure if we allow it to stand….Therefore, if the very dangerous & unfair Section 230 is not completely terminated as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), I will be forced to unequivocally VETO the Bill when sent to the very beautiful Resolute desk. Take back America NOW. Thank you!” illustrated in his post. 

Section 230 comes from the Communications Decency Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1996. In the article, it says that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” The internet has no responsibility to users’ speech online, and the information platforms could restrict users’ speech due to their needs. This created a vast shield for the platforms to suppress information and speeches that do not match their political interests. 

President Trump has disclosed his action toward terminating Section 230 on Nov 29 in the interview with Maria Bartiromo. He alleged in the interview that Section 230 had given the media the right to create a massive form of corruption, silence, and suppression. “They will only take if there’s something that is slightly off…They won’t talk about Hunter Biden. Never talked about Hunter Biden. [He] stole millions of millions of dollars, and if you do talk about him, they take you off their platforms.” 

His claim could be verified in various manners. Twitter flagged almost all of Trump’s tweets about the election fraud claiming either they were in dispute, or multiple sources called this election differently. For example, in his tweet where he condemned GA State Governor for certifying election results while the GA Election Fraud Senate Hearing was in progress and articulated that they need to check election integrity, he appeared to be censored and flagged by Twitter. 

Besides President Trump, thousands of accounts were flagged or even suspended due to revelations of election fraud, deep state corruption, and the scandal of the Biden family. 

Top US statistician Rich Baris was suspended by Twitter for his incessant data analysis on the disputed election. 

Republican Senator Doug Mastriano, who hosted the Pennsylvania hearing On Nov 25th, 2020, has his personal Twitter account banned after the hearing. The point of Twitter suspending this personal account is to prevent me from posting to my Senate account—to silence our voice.” He tweeted in his Senate account. 

Thousands of examples flying on the internet about being suspended or flagged by saying the truths. Patriots are wishing that the action could be done promptly. By terminating Section 230, great steps were made by President Trump to Make America Great Again again.


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