War Room: Pandemic Ep 552 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

The reason there is no heat over Biden Admin because they’re still trying to sell through information war that he actually won. We don’t buy it. Nobody goes to buy it.

War Room: Pandemic is trending No.1 in the country in podcast, came out last night.

Raheem: Bigtech is still suppressing the real news, so WRP has a new account on Rumber, which is a video streaming YouTube style without censoring. MSM like CNN ignoring such important event as the hearing today in Wisconsin. We’ve got serious work here. Audience are any populist movement people, they don’t have social media, they’re all over us while so many things being intentionally misleading people and distraction to make you impotent.

Let’s use all means of social media to everyone you know. Listening to ordinary people, like Darryl Morin, Debra Cronmille volunteered to testify and signed affidavits as witnesses is very moving, and they encouraged more whistleblowers come forwards. At 2 pm there supposed to be explosive whislteblowers in Pennsylvania.


  • For the first time actually allowed to get our hands on a system in Nevada.
  • We got to the intense blow-back in Arizona, people are furious about yesterday that a  special session has not been called.
  • People are furious in Georgia and they’re just not gonna take this by the Republican establishment, and certainly not going to take this guy continually going on CNN.

The project Veritas O’Keefe dropped the two months of tapes, they’ve got on CNN with the targeting on the President. They’re trying to mock and ridicule the President, they’re going after the President putting lead on the target every day. The Lieutenant governor is going to have to ask the question: Why is it? Why do you run CNN all the time, it’s a propaganda department.

Wisconsin got Wisconsin Nice, they are new iron brigade, new black hats to guard their right. To them, he Midwest has manners, which means we are committed to ideals greater than ourselves. Being nice is just a by-product of this iron commitment and should never be mistaken for weakness.

Very big news, Trump team will get their hand on the voting system in Nevada today at 1pm. The sue of 366 pages, it shows us what a hero Giuliani has been: with all the grief, he’s taking no to the mainstream media, and no to the republicans mocking.

Dr. Limeng Yan responses on CNN’s huge breaking story, that’s all this huge revelation about Dr. Yan, and Wuhan, all the news GTV and War Room had back in January.

Finally CNN admitted that there’s solid evidence as we already told people for months: that China government already hide the truth of Covid-19, there was a cover-up in the government also the number of deaths and diagnosed cases wrong, and technique is wrong.

But the other thing I want to mention besides these, there are many opinions in this report which I cannot agree with:
1. It invited some experts to say the reason it cannot be 100% transparency just because of technique problems. That is totally wrong! It tries to make Chinese government looks very innocent and blame the technique;
2. it is very important that they still try to blame Trump government by saying although China government has done a lot of useful things and tried their best, but Trump down played the issue. They should remember whose professional advice Trump took then!

What worrying is, people already believe Chinese communist party and WHO for too long and believe their investigation to the scene would give you the real answer. You’re wrong. 

CNN gave us only half the story, and meanwhile still try to whitewash CCP and attach Trump.

Because the entire fraud was orientated with CCP virus and CCP has being making Europe the scapegoat for last week because they know more and more evidence shows and also can verify my point that they are the killer of the people in the world with Covid-19 which is CCP government purposely created and release to the world. When more people understand it, they scared more because people will hold them accountable. 

The only solution to the CCP virus is to give up their dreams that Chinese Communist Party will cooperate with WHO experts to  investigate the origin of Covid-19 in China. The sooner the better to give such dream because there’s no chance for CCP to admit this comes from China and it’s bio weapon.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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