War Room: Pandemic Ep 551 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Last month Webster’s dictionary announced the word of the year 2020 as pandemic and we call this a pandemic on January 21,22, and WHO didn’t call it pandemic until March. We are telling you the tomorrow’s news today.

The whole election is illegal. 

Bannon: So much going on today.  

1. Wisconsin at 11 o’clock zoom commission meeting, going to drop a mother of all lawsuits dealing with these phony ballots.

2. In Michigan, real hearings going on today, particularly about Wayne county 835,000 ballots.  

3. Former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline is going to have a blockbuster. He’s got three whistleblowers at two o’clock at a hotel in northern Virginia Graham a press conference, a real emergency. This is a big story, essentially truck drivers are going to come forward that had filled in ballots between 144,000 to 288,000 filled in ballots cross state lines to be dropped off at certain locations to shift this election.

American Voice live stream, GTV, the National Pulse, and many others will be over there covering this battle off.  

John Fredericks has launched a newspaper called the Georgia star and trying to work a deal for a radio station. He has moved your headquarters down in Georgia for a couple of months and he is going to the heart of Trump country, get a feel for the deplorables. He reported the situation there:

If the election were to be held this week, the democrats would win and wouldn’t even be close, this is what these republicans just don’t seem to understand.

People there are so upset that the republican leaders will not fight for them, will not fight for Trump, will not fight for this election. The head of the party in Georgia are like three blind mice, they have 9,000 excuses not doing anything.

If President come on December 7 with these two senators, it won’t do anything. If he comes on Saturday and demands that Raffensperger does a recount and that recount includes matching signatures to envelopes and verifying how many of these mail in ballots were fraudulent.

Bannon: Veritas guy called at CNN and recorded. He is gonna release it tonight 7 o’clock, so that should be interesting to see what CNN has been applauding this entire time in the election process.

One falls, they all fall, this will be a domino effect because the rats will start scurrying off the ships. The reason Wisconsin’s perfect as that first one is because the average American citizens there, they’re not gonna back down. The cheaters are talking about this manual, how they try to sit there and change the manual to comport to state law because they got caught red-handed, not by fire breathers but by Wisconsin Nice.

There’s two scams going on: an early voting scam using absentee ballots, which they got caught dead; and the democrats try to change this manual.

Jack Posobiec: The drumbeat fast and furious in Wisconsin. The Democrat chair of the Wisconsin election commission and the Democrat controlled Wisconsin DOJ and Democrat governor Edwards all colluded to violate the law. But Wisconsin state law is simple, it does not give this power to the democrat chair of the commission alone.

The full commission is going to discuss prior to sending the governor Evers for signing, they ask twice more in writing and they are holding up the plain language of law, the state of Wisconsin which says that the commission in full, must send over the determination to be certified. It cannot be the democrats’ directly to the governor, which is what they are alleging took place.

They are saying that the certification of Wisconsin is fake and that if governor ever signed it either he signed something that’s not a certification or he broke Wisconsin law.

Breaking news of Michigan: Former state senator Patrick Colbeck is testifying in front of the oversight committee right now and it has adamantly stated that Michigan should take the state legislature, should take control of the appointment of electors.

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