Face to the color revolution, Trump will become another Lincoln— Lin Wood’s explanation about the homework given to the patriots

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On 29th November, Lin Wood published on Twitter Homework Assignment for American Patriots:

 1. Learn how color revolution works. 2. Learn about George Soros ‘reset’ &‘new world order’plan.   3. Learn about Bill Gates ‘depopulation’ goal. 4. Learn about Abraham Lincoln’s exercise of power in 1861 to save our country.

On 30th November, Lin Wood updated a commentary on Twitter and explained the reason of the homework assignment and he pointed to the Chinese Communist Party should be accounted for :

Color revolution began with China’s attack on our country with Covid-19. Then organized the riots in various cities. Then plans and proceeds the vote fraud in the election. Next step will increase the  violences in cities. I believe President Trump is prepared for that and we have no  choice.

This in a color revolution which can overthrow the United States

At the same day, he sent another tweet : I choose not to use rigged voting machines & fake mail ballots in one fraud election. The future of this nation will not be determined by fraudulent elections. This is not about an election. This is a color revolution to overthrow our government.

Color revolution, means some peace and non-violence political movement happened in central Asia, Eastern European during the 20th Century, between 1980s and 1990s.

The key point of color revolution is the control of media, which the CCP has completely achieved. Through years of planning, global mainstream media and social media are all falling to the occupation, and playing the  accomplice’s role for overthrowing our country. Facing the large vote fraud in this U.S. election, the medias chose to ignore and hidden the truth. Meanwhile, some social medias try to block the truth spreading by some awakened people. Lin Wood mentioned many times the ‘color revolution’ which accuses directly the CCP who uses COVID-19 to attack the U.S. and colludes with Antifa, BLM and Financial predators. Their purpose is deliberately triggering domestic riots and bringing war to the country, using the dominion voting system to practice the fraudulent election without any cold weapons to overthrow the American regime.

Lin Wood dropped a hint in his twitter which describled the president Trump similar to the president Lincoln, who will lead the American to pass through this crisis and get the final victory.

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States and inaugurated on 1861 and dead on April, 1865. During his administration, America was in the most tragic war period and the most serious moral, constitutional and political crisis monments— the American Civil War. Through this battle, he maintained the integrity of the Federation, abolished the slavery, liberated all slaves, strengthened the power of federal government and promoted the modernization of economic. Therefore American academic and public people regarded him as one of the greatest presidents in the American history.

Today, the United States is also facing the most serious moral crisis monment: material desires and money worship, egoism in power, lacking of faith among the population. Drugs, pedophilia, human trafficking and so many other crimes cases happened one after another one. Political crisis: The Separation of Powers is in vain; the judicial system; the national defense system , intelligence and security system are completely rotten. Survival crisis: biochemical virus continues to take lives, the economic recession has gravely threatened people’s lives and properties. A planned conspiracy which to enslave all American citizens is developing. The United States is in a critical moment of life and death.

During his administration, president Lincoln resolved the war with Mexico by his political wisdom.  The president Trump resolved also the war with North Korea and Iran, and withdrew the troops from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. He avoided the loss may caused by simultaneous battles in multiple places, in order to concentrate on the biggest threaten party — the Chinese Communist Party.

On April 12th of 1861, after the Federation’s attack to the Fort Sumter, the America’s North is finally united. The president Lincoln began to focus on military and political issues. He tried to unify the country, suspended the « Habeas Corpus »and arrested thousands of separatist suspects in the fringed states without adjudgments. At the end of 1861, he resolved the Trent event and successfully avoided the intervention of the United Kingdom. He used a variety of complicated political methods, among which the most important is he issued the « Emancipation Proclamation » and used the army to protect the escaped slaves, encouraged the illegalization of  the slavery and promoted the Congress to pass the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution to  abolish slavery.

As we all know, the political system of U.S. is the separation of powers, it means administration, legislation and justice are all separated. The president, Congress and the Supreme Court perform their own duties and balance each other. However, the president has a privilege, which can achieve his governing goal though an executive order. This is a privilege endued by the American Constitutional Law, as well as a powerful weapon holding by the president. An executive order is an order issued by the president to the federal government after his signature, without the necessity of long dispute from the other two powers and takes effect immediately. What’s interesting  thing is that the earliest executive order can be traced back to October 20th of 1862, began with the order issued by President Lincoln.

Associating the recent exposed dark swamp of Biden, Hilary, Clinton, Obama, Soros…the president Lincoln has used the spanking way of ‘arrest without adjudgment’, and detained thousands of separatists. We can imagine the president Trump’s next action at this critical moment.

Let us wait and see what will happen.

(The article only represents the author’s opinion)

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