Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (Nov 30, 2020)

Translated by HimalayaCT–KY

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Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I’m Mr. Mask

1. Biden retreated at the most critical time of the general election. Biden is not optimistic about his election and paved the way for a series of things that may happen in the future. The U.S. military, military intelligence, CIA and FBI support for the Communist and anti-Communist forces have all been clearly exposed. The entire election is the result of the American Civil War, but also the result of the CCP Civil War. The CCP hopes to use the United States to kill its competitors, and the United States also wants to use the CCP to kill its enemies. This is politics, it is very realistic and cruel. The U.S. military, intelligence agencies, and the “Kraken” organization of the 305 Military Intelligence Department cooperated and determined that the CCP, Iran and Russia are participating in and controlling the U.S. election! The battle of the U.S. election has turned from an internal rivalry in the United States to an extermination blow to the evil axis. President Trump to be elected is no doubt.

2. U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Thomas McKinney revealed important information in a television interview. He said that we can believe from lawyer Sidney Powell and President Trump that General Flynn is working with the “Kraken” organization of the 305th Military Intelligence Department because in all operations, no traces of the Department of Justice, FBI or CIA were seen. That means they are not on the side of justice, but on the side of the deep state. Lawyer Powell used the term “Kraken” because it was the nickname of the 305th Military Intelligence Department. Through the great monster “Kraken”, they determined that CCP, Iran and Russia participated in and controlled the election. In addition, the US Special Operations Command seized a server company in Frankfurt, Germany. Because they send voting data via the internet from 5 or 6 states in the United States to Spain and then to Frankfurt, Germany.

The content of this video makes it clear that the CIA and FBI are indifferent to election fraud, indicating that they are on Biden’s side and serve Soros and the big family behind him. President Trump uses military intelligence forces. The aforementioned 305 Corps is the military intelligence unit of the US Army, responsible for providing operational tactical intelligence and electronic warfare support. The ultimately goal and enemy will be locked in CCP, Iran, and North Korea, the “axis of evil” that Miles Guo has always been talking about. In 2019, Miles Guo talked about the US military preparations at the Phoenix military base. The weapon preparations are mainly aimed at these goals, and they are in line with President Trump’s desire to eliminate communism.

3. The live broadcast of Miles Guo after he came out of the mountain: (original words) ” I can tell everyone that when I learned about the three people who were released from Qincheng Prison 6 months ago, I knew very well that the creators and executors of the Communist Party’s BGY plan and 3F plan had started the second level of comprehensive planning in the United States and the world. These people are the fundamental source of Miles Guo’s knowledge of Pandora’s Box and the 3F plan, the BGY Plan. To be honest, in the past six or seven months, I am most concerned about these people being arrested again. I am most worried that these people will no longer carry out this plan. As long as these people carry out the plan, the US election will end with ridiculous and funny results. Have you seen these two vice presidents? Both are a decade or two younger and more energetic than these two presidential candidates. What was the biggest trouble for Cao Cao in the past? It was those sons, Cao Zhi and Cao Pi. Waiting for his father to die all the time, the second emperor was waiting for the emperor to die. You see how young these two vice presidents of the United States are, neither of them is the fuel-efficient lamps. Pay attention to the two vice presidents, it will be very lively, really just beginning, my comrades. So, brothers and sisters, this time the entire legal community in the United States, the entire military intelligence community and all the interest group media, and all the bigwigs behind the scenes will be thoroughly exposed at the last moment. Who is related to the Communist Party? Who has absolute ties to the Communist Party? They will all be exposed.”

My comrades, whether watching blockbuster movies or TV series, the big bosses are the last shots, the same. That’s why President Trump is very cautious with his words, (which means) not yet in time. Looking at the cooperation between the US military and the “Kraken” organization of the 305 Military Intelligence Department and General Flynn’s targeting of CCP, Iran and Russia, the real war has begun. Many facts, including the Vice President (who may be a variable in the future) are unacceptable to some comrades in arms. Politics is not pure, and the United States also has infighting. It is all about interests, which is terrible. So, comrades-in-arms don’t measure world politics and these politicians with our (own) kind heart.

4. President Trump’s latest tweet stated, “Democrats suffered crushing down-ballot loss across America. This is true. All statehouses won, and in Washington we did great. So I led this great charge, and I’m the only one that lost? No, it doesn’t work that way. This was a massive fraud, a RIGGED ELECTION!” When he was interviewed by the Fox host Maria, Maria asked if he had received a briefing from the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command regarding the electronic interference of internal or foreign forces in the general election. President Trump replied that John Ratcliffe (Director of U.S. Intelligence) is involved. He is very good, and there are others involved. They are all people who have been engaged in this field for a long time. We are disappointed with many others because many people did not participate in it because it was fraudulent. This is a fraud against the American people, this is a fraud against the United States of America, and we are disappointed that some people have not participated more. The implication tells Maria that this is a long story, and there are many things in it, which must be fraud, but it is not time to say it yet.

5. Regarding President Trump’s ban on CCP-related companies, the best reference template and the country that has already sanctioned is Venezuela. Sanctions on oil first, then related companies, sanctions on companies and companies related to dictators, and then blocks personal accounts… This time President Trump put CNOOC in sanctions, CNOOC (Miles Guo mentioned it many times). The power of US sanctions, comrades-in-arms, Iran and Venezuela could not survive without blood transfusion from CCP behind them. Who can support the CCP today? A group of stealing companies, and the rest are playing finance, trying to defraud the people of money, is there a “pillar” industry? Therefore, CCP’s economy is just a return to light. It’s all fake. Once the US sanctions fall, let’s see what it will be like. Huawei, the United Kingdom require domestic communications companies to ban the use of new Huawei equipment in 5G networks after September next year. These countries are all in action. The attitude of the world towards Huawei is the attitude towards CCP.

6. The United States raided to check the identity of the Communist Party members visiting the United States. Comrades-in-arms, this is just the beginning, and it is only one aspect, and then the world’s encirclement and suppression of CCP will begin. CCP is trying to influence the US presidential election and subvert the US government. All these results have to be counted on the CCP, plus the virus, just imagine how the world will deal with. The European Union is also acting, proposing to form a new post-Trump alliance with the United States to fight the Chinese threat. All realize that CCP is the biggest enemy to the United States, Europe, and the world.

7. Mr. Bannon interviewed a “witness” on the Warroom. The district scrutineer said that at 7 a.m., there was a problem with the scanner. One was broken, and the other had to scan 4 or 5 times to complete a ballot scan. Calls came in from other county supervisors who also had problems with their scanners, and no one came to help for several hours. Later, it was said that there was a problem with the barcode. A sheriff brought a new stack of votes, about 500, and later things were even more incredible. A scrutineer came to the counting center in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The counting center was rebuilt by the Penn State Court in Forint. It counted the votes with a machine worth millions of dollars. It is not clear where the machine is, only know that there are several elevators near the unloading port, and many doors can enter and exit. It costs about 2.1 million to complete the reconstruction. To make matters worse, there is no place to observe in the back of the room, saying that the preliminary determination of the election votes took place there.

So, as we can see from this interview that there are too many abnormal situations in the counting center, too much evidence, and we Whistleblower Movement has not yet taken any action. Looking at Biden “twisted ankle”, it seems to be a very “positive” signal. Don’t forget, everyone, since Biden went to find McConnell, he has been looking for “a way out”. On the other hand, President Trump has been always moving forward. The situation has already reversed, and Biden is very clear in his heart, so I think this is a signal for Biden to “retreat”.

8. In many countries, people who had expressed their opinions in the past have been silent now, and they have realized that things may not be right, and they must change. Of course, CCP will find ways to play other cards, but no matter how they play, it will not change the ultimate result. In addition, everyone has seen the changes in the military and President Trump has made a series of personnel changes in preparation for dealing with the CCP. If the U.S. military and intelligence acted, it would really a big move internally. But what did the FBI and CIA do? Why did they not participate in the action? This is what Miles Guo said, who are friends of CCP, absolute friends of CCP, some have a little relationship with CCP and can be turned, and some have life and death interests that cannot be turned. Either go to jail together or go to hell together. The last moment they will be exposed, the last moment. And the strength will let many people see clearly, and eventually turn, and put the blame on the CCP. McConnell, Vice President, let’s not talk about these characters so early until the last minute. Although everything is doomed, it is still changing. The result of President Trump’s election has been determined. But it remains to be seen how these powerful people and gangs who can make impact in the process will choose, what kind of play they can perform, and how funny they can be.

Alright, dear comrades in arms, see you next time!

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