War Room: Pandemic Ep 549 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

We are the last guardian of this constitution. We’ve seen the end of electronic voting today. It’s got to be all paper all the time.

CALL Pennsylvania State House Speaker Bryan Cutler (R-PA) and tell him to do the right thing, STOP THE STEAL: 717-783-6424

Bannon: It makes me proud to watch so many witness come forward, you have patriots out there fighting but I got to tell you, audience of American citizens, you would be sick to your stomach listening to this. This is outrageous! In the middle of this to have the Arizona secretary of state, the governor essentially certify the vote! If we’ve seen that is a tale of two cities, this whole process has been a tale of two parties. They would love to fold the tent whether Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.

We have the receipts, we have all the cards, and we have the moral high ground in this war. But what we don’t have is the will out of GOP leadership in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. What is missing is the ossified GOP leadership that came together in 2016.

Ben Bergquam, it’s breath-taking to hear some of what’s being claimed, in particular using statistical analysis of demonstrate what happened.

So bottom line, they need an audit of all of the votes, separate the mail in ballots from the from the actual votes. What they’re calling for a special session by the state legislature, that requires the secretary of state and the speaker of the house of Arizona to demand by a special session to audit the entire vote.

Jack Posobiec: Why would the verification processes that apply to basic parts of our lives not apply to something as important as our presidential election? The way we run our elections is a disgrace.

We allowed third-party vendors into our voter rolls due to COVID-19 Now, every single Secretary of State must stand up, get anyone but registrars out of these voter rolls.

Bannon: We’ve had some bad news out of Pennsylvania, but great news out of Arizona hearing, which is as good as Gettysburg was. This was actually better for the analytics; there is a real fight down in Georgia. We’re hearing great news out of Wisconsin, although you wouldn’t know that from the media.


We need tough GOP officials who will stand strong and determine who won the most legal votes. Arizona has been an absolute home run. The in-depth facts and analysis presented here underscore how much of a disaster the election was in AZ and around the country, how much more information must be released to determine who won the most legal votes on election day.

Be the court system, and ask for forensic audit, don’t want to get out of the process, we will exhaust every single option we have in order to make sure that only the legal ballots of Wisconsin counted. This election is done only when we know who won the most legal votes.

The amount of alleged election wrongdoing in Georgia is so overwhelming that a true and honest recount is necessary. The recounts done so far are not useful, not a true representation of legal votes in the state. The campaign under the leadership of the president will make sure that occurs.

In Pennsylvania: All we want to know is who won the legal votes.

Brian Kennedy:

It’s sickening in a way to hear all this that the manipulation of the data, the people who were running dominion voting systems, the county registrars, the secretary of state. This is a system that is not befitting a great nation like ours, let alone a first world country. Everyday citizens there they remain irritated and pissed off about this whole thing. They know the election has been stolen and they want justice.

None of the 1.9M mail in ballots in Arizona were personally matched to any actual signature Given that non-existent level of certification, I don’t see how the election results can stand here at all.

Today is the nail in coffin. Who would stand up for the GOP when the GOP wouldn’t stand up for their presidential nominee and sitting President?

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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