Miles Guo – My Analysis and Predictions for U.S. Presidential Election Results

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama

On the 30th November 2020, Miles Guo discussed his take on the situation regarding the U.S. election and how he sees the final stages unfolding.

Miles also stressed the importance of ending the CCP’s influence with Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the collaborators in the U.S. government.

He ended his talk by warning about the second wave of the CCP-virus currently sweeping the world.

Election process will be very complicated

“The USpresidential election just entered a dramatic stage.  As expected, President Trump will lose his cases in most of the swing states’ courts and the circuit court. However, the public hearings on election fraud will prevail and win. There is even a possibility that the Supreme Court may also announce that Biden is the winner of the election, facing all the election fraud charges. 

December 7-8 will be more decisive, and the overall election result will be determined by then. With the unique help from intelligence sources (our Whistleblower Movement and the U.S. military) that the CCP is deeply involved and manipulated this election, President Trump will 100% be re-elected. But the process will be more complicated than any other U.S. presidential election in the history.”

——— Miles Guo

How the drama will unfold

“It is a drama of the century for the judges in Virginia and other states to refuse President Trump’s appeal of the presidential election fraud. According to the constitution, as long as one state will not recognize the results of the presidential election, the President of the United States must be selected by the House of Representatives. Then it will be the ultimate battle between justice and evil. Those criminals from the Washington swamp will all come out by then. I hope that in future, the American public will pay more attention to the selection of the Vice President as well.”

——— Miles Guo

The lackeys of the CCP

“Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley are all lackeys of the CCP. If this U.S. election does not solve its judicial problems and deep-rooted problems, like the collusion of the CCP with the Deep State, the world has no hope.”

——— Miles Guo

The world after Section 230 falls

“After President Trump abolishes Section 230, the CCP-friendly overseas media such as Twitter and Facebook will be destroyed. We must prepare in advance to welcome the great era of the rise of our GTV service. Its market value will exceed everyone’s imagination.”

——— Miles Guo

Beware of the second wave of the CCP-virus

“The second wave of the CCP-virus outbreak has begun. Everyone should be careful about this biochemical weapon and its impact. Try to avoid going out for parties or social gatherings, wear masks, and take all possible precautions to protect your family members and yourself.”

——— Miles Guo

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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