【In-Depth Report】George Soros: Executor of the New World Order or Nine-Layer Demon Tower?

Author: Giselle
Translator: Meng Tian
Editor: Maoben/Lish

Soros Speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Image Source: https://www.dw.com/zh)

A Wikipedia search for “New World Order” brings up “conspiracy theories”. Wikipedia explains: The New World Order is a series of conspiracy theories about a totalitarian world. This series of conspiracy theories believe that the world is controlled by a small power elite class of secret cabals, shadow governments, and their conspiratorial globalism. Its ultimate goal is to establish an authoritarian world government to replace the current sovereign state or democratic state system

However, what is currently going on with Unrestricted Warfare, biochemical viruses, the rigged US election, and the media ……. In contrast to these ongoing events, one wonders if the New World Order is just a conspiracy theory. How far along is this project? Who is behind it? 

Dutch scholar and author Janet Osbad, who has conducted thousands of hours of research, has produced a three-hour documentary” The End of The World as We Know”. The video reveals, with a wealth of factual analysis, that the world as we know it is collapsing and that most people are still being kept in the dark. Continuing thousands of years of power, evil elite programs, gruesome baby sacrifices, child sex games, and abuse ……The documentary reminds people to wake up as soon as possible and become independent thinkers.

The video covers 10 topics. Only the part of the video related to George Soros is used to illustrate the theme of this article. Including Soros’s relationship to the New World Order, his role, and who are the forces behind him?

We have all heard Soros criticize the CCP and Xi Jinping in public, but is his relationship with the CCP that simple?

He was the force behind the removal of comments

Soros founded the famous Open Society Foundations. Its mission is to advance liberalism, democracy, and human rights, and it is committed to promoting the economic, legal, and political participation of citizens in society and to achieving the goals of civil society.

However, what this foundation is doing is completely contrary to its purpose.

In the video produced by Janet Osbad, she says that deleting statements is the greatest enemy of democracy and freedom of speech. Hillary. Clinton’s three major donors are Google, Twitter, and Facebook. Google’s YouTube is the worst for deleting statements, on par with Twitter and Facebook. Messages in support of Trump were the most deleted, along with other deleted messages include the words of critical thinkers and researchers, as well as anyone who dares to challenge the official version of an event. The pro-Hillary comments were never deleted. 

Remember what “Correct the Record,” said about “The media is important to America”? It is these types of companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the Tubes, that operate in the background to censor speech and delete posts. Deleting speech is now strongly advocated by a global radical coalition, AVAAZ that was founded by two organizations, RESPUBLICA and MOVE ON.RESPUBLICA received $250,000 from George Soros and FORWARD took $1.6 million from Soros. MOVE ON took $1.6 million from George Soros. Rickon Patel, founding president, and chief executive officer of Avaaz, consulted with the Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations, and the Gates Foundation. Patel consulted with the Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations, the Gates Foundation, and the United States, and then asked Soros to be the president and Frank Giustra to be the CEO of the International Crisis Group.  

Does the scenario look familiar? The net police became Avaaz, and that was it.

He was a major force in directing the migrant caravan.

The co-founder of the Deleted Speech Institute, Avaaz, is Tom Perillo, a former Virginia congressman, a close friend of Barack Obama, and chief executive of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations have long been notorious. It was a key member of the director behind the caravan of immigrants that invaded the United States and created the riots. No wonder these people were so quick to strongly oppose President Trump.

Janet analyses the signs in the video. There are indications that these 7,000 immigrant crowds threatening to storm the border are not real refugees, but rather mass actors who have been brought in by the money behind the scenes to play out a politically motivated drama. So, who directed this play? Who sponsored this massive pseudo-refugee campaign? It was George Soros, our “great philanthropist” George Soros. He is associated with the paedophile club Dambulla, as well as with Antifa and BLM, which are causing riots and violence everywhere.

According to an analysis of his tax records, he contributed $33 million to the infamous Ferguson riots. Besides, Soros promised to pay $15 per hour for each participant in the mass march. In the case of the migrant caravan, participants need only play the role of impoverished refugees looking for a haven. As long as you play your part, money, new clothes, food, toys, and extra rewards are no problem.

Unfortunately, the shrewd Soros made a small mistake and missed a few promises of promised compensation. In mid-June of this year, 163 paid protesters accused Soros of being untrustworthy and demanded that Soros pay their court ransom. The paid protesters were arrested for breaking the law during the protest, but Soros refused to pay their ransom and bailed them out. Soros reportedly paid these protesters $30 an hour for six hours a day, plus $40 a day for meals, plus 70 cents a mile for gas and a gift bag. These people can be paid nearly $1,000 a day.

A paid crowd-pleaser and soulful and emotional drama. Well, it’s full of routines.

He has been involved in almost every revolution and coup d’état of the last 25 years.

Directing such “manipulated protests” is Soros’s specialty. The political situation is directly related to Soros’s hedge fund business. As a result, every coup and movement that has taken place in the last 25 years have seen Soros in action. For example, the civil unrest in Kyrgyzstan and the Hong Kong Occupy Central movement.

According to a leaked email from WikiLeaks, in 2011, Soros instructed Hillary to interfere in Albanian politics, which she did. In August 2016, Soros, a major financial benefactor of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary, who had just donated $6 million to Hillary’s super PAC, was targeted by DCLeaks, a hacker establishment in the United States.

According to a leaked Soros email, Soros and U.S. diplomats plotted to meddle in Ukrainian politics during the Ukrainian civil war. March 31, 2014, after the Maidan coup, before the outbreak of civil war in Ukraine, Soros (GS) and Geoffrey Pyatt (U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine) had a luncheon together. Also participating were David Meale (Economic Counsellor); Lenny Benardo (Open Society Foundations, OSF); Yevhen Bystrytsky (International Renaissance Foundation, IRF); Oleksandr Sushko (Chairman of the Board, IRF); Ivan Krastev (Centre for Liberal Studies, CLS Chairman); and Deff Barton (USAID Ukraine Director). They discussed how to provide public relations assistance to the Ukrainian government and how to wage a war of public opinion with Russia.

Regarding the future of the “New Ukraine,” the U.S. ambassador advocated decentralization of power in the New Ukraine, following the Polish model. Soros said not to listen to the federal ideas promoted by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and that federalization would allow Russia to gain influence in eastern Ukraine. They then discussed how to deal with Russia’s federal claims. Soros said Obama was too weak and suggested that the U.S. government impose a 90-day embargo on Russia, or until Russia recognizes the newly elected president of Ukraine. The U.S. ambassador believes that the primary goal of Ukraine is reunification. He decided to keep the beautiful Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko out of the politics of the new Ukraine. The ambassador said that the revolution was a “revolution of dignity” and that Tymoshenko was inextricably linked to all the undignified things of the old regime and that it could not be carried out without her. In another IBRF Civil Society Roundtable Meeting document, he advocated the creation of a fifth column to work with the Crimean people, which was very important for the future of Ukrainian society. The minutes of the meeting clearly show how the U.S. government, Soros, and his International Renaissance Foundation manipulated Ukrainian politics.

Besides, the most notable is Soros’s comment on media manipulation in the Ukraine affair. He selects journalists in various countries to finance their reporting in Ukraine, and has veto power, allowing only “self-serving” news to be published.

Why does Soros want to normalize refugees?

The DCLeaks website has exposed 2,576 documents related to Soros, including his work program and reports on European elections, immigration, and refugee camps. The site alleges that Soros has bankrolled the Democratic Party, Hillary, and hundreds of politicians around the world, and has rigged elections for EU member states.

Most of these documents came from the Open Society Foundation, which Soros founded. Bloomberg News reports that in June 2018, Laura Silber, a spokesperson for the foundation, said the security breach to the FBI. And according to the security firm’s investigation, the hackers broke into an intranet used by members, employees, and foundation partners. The documents come from multiple countries and regions: Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, World Bank executives, and an organization called SOUK.

The leaked documents cover a wide range of topics, including not only “Crisis in Europe: Key Developments in the Past 48 Hours” on the impact of the refugee crisis, but also “The Ukraine Debate in Germany,” detailed documents on financial benefits, and reports on European elections, migration, and refugee camps.

Based on more than 2,000 leaked documents, Soros said that the refugee issue would become “the new normal”. The Soros organization’s plans to influence the policies of various countries through refugees have also come to light. This is the background of Caravan Dash. Does the plot look familiar? Do you recall the massive influx of refugees into Europe in 2015, mainly from countries like Syria and Iraq? The Murdoch government in Germany opened its doors to accepting refugees, resulting in the influx of over a million refugees into Germany over the past two years.

The scripts are always strikingly similar.

So why does Soros want to normalize the refugee issue? There are only two reasons: money and votes. Churches, foundations, financial institutions, and capital consortiums are all behind those members of the German parliament and groups that desperately speak out on behalf of refugees. The government has allocated hundreds of billions of dollars for refugees, and a complete chain has been formed. With no market competition and no need for openness and transparency, this sweet pie is a temptation for everyone, not to mention Soros, the hungry wolf of Wall Street.

Next is the ballot. Take Murdoch as an example: the Muslim population in Germany is around 8 million, or 10% of the total population. This group is a voting power that politicians would never dare to ignore. Bringing in millions of Muslim refugees would not only gain the goodwill of their Muslim communities but would also increase the votes of these refugees. With these tens of millions of votes, how hard could it be to win an election?

Does this mode of operation resemble the Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare? On the one hand, allowing large numbers of refugees drain the country’s resources, causes unrest, and weakens the nation. On the other hand, they manipulate refugees to influence the elections, and the country’s power was firmly in their hands without any effort.

Soros: Nine-Layer Demon Tower?

Soros has repeatedly criticized the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping in public. On January 24, 2019, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Soros spoke out against Xi Jinping as the most dangerous enemy of an open society, and that China “is the richest, most powerful and most technologically advanced authoritarian regime”. He also accused the PRC of investing in “robotic learning and artificial intelligence” to strengthen authoritarianism and oppose the entry of Western technology companies into China.

According to Soros, China is a dangerous adversary in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the 5G field is the key to determining who will lead the U.S. and China in the coming years. He published a commentary in The Wall Street Journal that if the Chinese technology company Huawei is allowed to enter the global market to compete, Beijing will push its “political control system to the world.” Because the core components Huawei needs to compete in the 5G market are subject to more than 30 U.S. companies, Soros said that as long as the U.S. continues to sanction Huawei and deny it critical technical support, Huawei will be severely weakened. As a result, China’s competitiveness in the 5G market will disappear as well.

It seems that Soros is very anti-communist, but what is the truth? From the above analysis, we can already see that Soros’ behavioral trajectory is the same as the Chinese Communist Party’s Unrestricted Warfare, global layout, and 3F plan, which work seamlessly together. As Janet says in the video, how many coincidences come together to make a coincidence?

The Baidu profile of Soros from the CCP’s surveillance system has this interesting quote. Some opinion analysts believe that Soros’ real intention is to export American ideology and values to the world.

What Soros wants to export is evident from his investment of more than $100 million in support of the Black Lives Matter riots. He is associated with Wang Qishan’s trillion-dollar HNA empire, he fights against Trump, supports Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and he is related to the Domini voting system that manipulated the U.S. election. As a man who has not missed a single political revolution in the last 25 years, can Soros stay out of the wave that is overturning the institutions of American democracy? What role does he play in the New World Order? The answer is clear.

Why would anyone have invested in such a large organizational movement to destabilize the country, to create divisions between color, political opinion, religious beliefs, and gender?  As we know, a divided crowd is easy to control, while a united group is not. When one thinks of the CCP’s repression of religion, its murder of intellectuals, and its hatred of democracies, it is easy to understand why anyone would be willing to invest $100 million to support Black Lives Matter to destruct and robbery in his own country.

Soros and the New World Order is only a small part of what is covered in this video produced by Janet. At the end of the video, Janet uses Q to emphasize the importance of unity; unity keeps us alive; division destroys us. Q describes to us a better world, free of war, treason, and corruption. Whether you agree with it or not, the task of achieving this goal was handed over to Trump. “As long as you’re not awake, we’ll fight for you”!

(The content of the article is the author’s personal opinion only)

【Who is George Soros】

George Soros, born August 12, 1930, in Hungary, is a Jewish-American businessman, currency speculator, and stock investor. Wikipedia defines him as a progressive political and social activist and philosopher and philanthropist who uses financial markets to experiment with his philosophy.

He is Chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2019, he became the 56th richest person among the list of 400 people in the united states, and with assets of $8.6 billion.

Although George Soros’s family has Jewish descent, escaped death because their friends and relatives were Nazi officials. Soros immigrated to England with his family in 1947, graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1952, and moved to the United States in 1956. Soros has made a statement that his goal is to make enough money on Wall Street to support him as an author and philosopher.

Soros is a supporter of the U.S. Democratic Party and has made significant political contributions to the party over the years, supporting Democratic politicians in elections at all levels. In 2004, he raised a lot of money to try to stop George Walker Bush from being re-elected. Since 2014, Soros has contributed to a political action committee fundraising fund called Ready for Hillary to support Hillary’s presidential campaign. Also, he played an essential role in the Rose Revolution in Georgia and has been seen in social movements in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

On September 16, 1992, Soros became well-known by shorting more than 10 billion pounds sterling, profiting from the Bank of England’s stubborn adherence to the sterling exchange rate and interest rates comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate participants. Eventually, the Bank of England was forced to withdraw from the European exchange rate mechanism and devalue the British pound. Soros earned a profit of about $1.1 billion from it.

The public then calls him “The man who let the Bank of England go bankrupt.”

During the Asian financial crisis of 1997, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused Soros of suppressing the Malaysian currency and called Soros a fool. Thailand called him an “economic war criminal who sucked the blood of the people.”

In 2011, Soros entered the real estate industry in China and Taiwan, causing concern among some financiers and panic among the public.

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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