The Left’s Fake Narratives Will Not Prevail | Capital News Digest — Nov. 30, 2020

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We celebrated Thanksgiving this past Thursday. I’ve always thought, more than any of the other festivals, Thanksgiving embodies the best of the American spirit. It teaches us the courage of the Pilgrims fleeing their home country, where they were persecuted for their religious faith; it teaches us the resolve of their efforts to scratch out a living in the desolate wilderness that was to become the United States; most importantly, it teaches us to be thankful for all the blessings we’ve been given regardless of our situations in life. 

Although most people associate Thanksgiving with family gatherings and big turkey meals, it is a meaningful time that goes far beyond this tradition. 

In recent years, there have been plenty of forces to either rewrite American history or to undermine certain festivals. They went after Christmas and Easter to make them more secularized; they went after Columbus Day and successfully changed it into Indigenous People’s Day in multiple states and municipalities; now they are going after Thanksgiving, reframing it as the inception of American slavery. 

Sadly, I’m not shocked. Several years ago, a white colleague of mine told me that she didn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s a celebration of white people conquering the Indians. 

The radical Left’s efforts were well underway then. They’ve been in rehearsal with a  more sophisticated instrument to inject their agenda deep into the public consciousness, like a brine needle injecting salt into turkey. Whether it’s slavery or the Indians, these issues are manufactured one after another to take down the established culture of our day. To this group of people history is like Play-Doh, able to be reshaped to manipulate our perceptions. Why? So they can force down our throats their own liberal/progressive agenda. 

Unfortunately, it’s useless to blame them for what they are trying to do. Rewriting history has always been an uncontrollable impulse of human nature. Consider the fact we now tolerate fake news – coverage of events that just happened but which is spun and woven into fake history. And the horror is that such fake history is exponentially easier to create. Just pick and choose elements of a story that befits a particular narrative. Voila! Such is the way new history is made!   

As the audience, we may feel completely at the mercy of the new narrators of history. Think Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Eric Schmidt, Satya Pichar. Think Bloomberg, Bezos, Rupert Murdoch. So sad. But all is not lost. 

Growing up in China, I have been told for as long as I can remember that Taiwan is part of China. Our history books detailed way back in the dynasties how the island of Taiwan and the mainland had been under the same rule. And for this “historical” reason, Taiwan belongs to China despite any counter arguments that may claim otherwise. 

As a kid, one has no ability or interest to defy what’s taught in the history books, and even less so in an authoritarian society where free thought and critical thinking are overtly discouraged. 

Because of this advantage, the CCP has never bothered to dispute Taiwan’s claim of sovereignty, the fact that Taiwan has its own government, its own currency and its own flag and military. As an independent nation, China has no valid or legal claim of sovereignty over Taiwan.  But does this stop the CCP from promoting the China-Taiwan unification myth? Not!  

As I grew older, I slowly realized that the CCP’s argument is flawed: Taiwan is only emotionally a part of China – as a long-for sentiment, a historic wish, a CCP talking point. Even the CCP’s most ironclad argument, relying on historical linkages, is mere fantasy, posturing. 

Alas, history is fluid. It does not and cannot define anything permanently; it leaves only markers in the past as it moves on to the future. 

But here’s the bottom line: Any argument contrary to reality is false, plain and simple. All it takes is our own independent thinking and the will to fight back and denounce the delusion. 

The radical Left’s effort to rewrite American history is the same blueprint being applied to the CCP’s quack claim on Taiwan. The radical Left will not stop in their quest to pick and choose threads from the far corners of history to weave a believable-sounding story that suits their purpose. To achieve this end, the radical Left  is willing to edit the arc of history passed down from generation to generation. When they have artfully shaped their perfect counter-history, they propagandize this new story with the help of the new media. Columbus, the murderer. The Syphilitic perpetrator. The occupying Plymouth Pilgrims. Washington, slave owner. And on and on.    

Can anything be more delusional? 

Thankfully, the mass majority of Americans don’t buy this insane line of argument.

We have much to celebrate this Thanksgiving, and give thanks to these brave Pilgrims, humbled by the hardships these men and women endured, strengthened by their resolve and courage to face and overcome fear of the unknown, starvation, deprivation, cold and bitter weather, and every known hardship: illness, loss, death. 

In a haunting way, the Pilgrim’s story resonates with the countless stories of the new immigrants who have come to America from its very beginnings. These immigrants – these pilgrims in their own right – have fled their motherland to escape poverty or persecution or have come in search of freedom and opportunity, all having been forced to struggle, to make a living from scratch in unfamiliar terrain. 

This spirit and grit and determination we see on display in the lives and families of America’s new immigrants, is the same spirit and determination that gave birth to America, which continues to make America ever-great even today. 

We remind ourselves in this third week of November that the story of Thanksgiving is real: a story of human triumph. We bow our heads in humility and give thanks for our bounty and for the truth of these blessings.   

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