Australia condemns CCP’s “repugnant” propaganda image

Spokesperson of the Chinese Communist government, Lijian Zhao, posted a doctored image on Twitter attacking Australia. He wrote “Shocked by murder of Afghan civilians & prisoners by Australian soldiers. We strongly condemn such acts, & call for holding them accountable.”

Image from Twitter

The image depicts a smiling Australian soldier slicing the throat of a child holding a goat, with the subtitle “Don’t be afraid, we are coming to bring you peace!” There is an Australian flag and an Afghanistan flag in the background.

Response from Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the image ‘repugnant’ and demanded that China apologise for posting it. “Australia is seeking an apology from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the Chinese government, for this outrageous post”, said by Mr Scott Morrison.

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Mr Morrison said the images were “utterly outrageous” and “deeply offensive for every Australian”.

China-Australia collisions

This gross image is possibly a retaliation to Australia’s Xinjiang Project, which monitors, analyses and reports the human right crisis in Xinjiang China, conducted by ASPI. An hour after Zhao tweeted the image, he retweeted another Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s tweet about ‘debunking’ ASPI’s studies on Xijiang’s detention centers.

Image from Twitter

Over the past two decades, Australia has relied on the Chinese market for its economy despite the different values of the two nations. Every time Australia tries to speak for the value it holds, it faces instant retaliation from the powerful regime.

Twitter did not fact-check this image

PM Scott Morrison revealed he has also demanded Twitter remove the violent, fake image. “We are also seeking its removal immediately and have also contacted Twitter to take it down immediately,” as he told reporters.

To date, Twitter has not done anything to this violent and misleading image. Ironically, the post is neither deleted nor ‘fact checked’, the same way that Twitter has imposed the notorious blue check marks on tweets by President Trump or anyone on voter frauds in the 2020 Election.

This confirms that the CCP propaganda engines are fully functioning on the Twitter platform.

Author: River|Himalaya Scholar

Editor: XO酱

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1 month ago

Well written, River. Australia is a standout against the CCP bully in the western front.


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