War Room: Pandemic Ep 548 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Benjamin Franklin gave that warning around the signing of the Declaration of Independence when the woman said we finally have a republic and his warning to her: If you can keep it.

Ben Bergquam, Real America’s Voice Contributor reported from the site: Thousands of people are outside the building of hearing in Arizona rally support President Trump and rally against fraud while the smartest guys are ready for the hearing: Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellise, Bernard and a team of experts statisticians, data analysts and eye witnesses.

The direction of the evidence going to come from today would be:
1. the statistics possibility: the numbers we saw in Pennsylvania statistically impossible, coming in six million votes, only 3000 of those for President Trump, similar numbers happened here in Arizona;
2. double voting: a number of folks that were registered in multiple states that voted in both states.

There is political pressure being put on by the establishment republicans. This is why people voted for President Trump, they were sick of these games that were played every two and four, to be on their side, but when the rubber hits the road, when it’s time to go to the mat, they always waffled and succumb to the pressure. So people will vote them out of office if they don’t support President Trump, that is motivation for them as the scared loose job.

Joe Biden to name Cindy McCain as UK ambassador as the eminent Arizonan helped the President-Elect flip the state from Republican to Democrat. One people posted: Please continue to reiterate that the legacy of the Georgia politicians will be that they endorsed a fraud. As a southerner, legacy is everything. Their whole lives will be shadowed by this voter betrayal and they need to hear it every day.

Bannon: In 2019 when the law was passed and the fix was in because they made a trade off against their constitution with the act 77 the career politicians got the thing about down ballot voting. This is unconstitutional. Got go to a referendum of the people. This is what you’re governed by.

People should understand if that’s how you want to be governed and rolling over when something so important, this is bigger than Pennsylvania, it’s bigger than Donald Trump, it’s bigger than the Trump movement, this is about this republic. And it’s ironic that in Pennsylvania, home of America’s Pivotal Battlefields Valley Forge and Gettysburg, which are two times that Americans had to step up under horrific circumstances. 

Jack Maxey: No way to have another election in Georgia on January 5 with the same processes used on election night November 3.

John Fredericks, Radio Show on Georgia 10 cities in 10 days bus tour. The bottom line is here, it’s outrageous that the people’s money and people’s time of Georgia is spent defending a software company that has been accused of manipulating the votes in Georgia is unbelievable.

Raffensperger, the secretary of state republican absolutely refuses to verify the mail in ballots from the envelopes, what are they hiding? They want to wipe entire Georgia Dominion software clean, like Hillary did with her servers and cell phone. Lin Wood had to step in twice last night as the Judge reverse her first constant in favor of people.

Bannon: The only way to bring this country together is to get everything on the table, have a fair count of legal votes. We know this is headed toward a Trump victory, albeit through choppy water.

This is bigger than Pennsylvania; it’s bigger than Donald Trump; it’s bigger than the Trump Movement. In the home of Valley Forge and Gettysburg, we are witnessing absolute moral cowardice.

Most impressive: this is all come about because of you, this is why you’re such a powerful important audience. They fear you. It is your calls, your e-mails, your pressure. Your relentless pressure that has actually empowered those delegates are up there.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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