The Kraken to Restore Election Result for Trump and American People

Author: Himalaya Farm Prairie Jing Wen and Dawn

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Sidney Powell filed lawsuits against election fraud in Georgia and Michigan respectively on Nov 25, 2020 and was said to have dropped the “mother of bombs.”

So what is the explosive content of Powell’s law suits?  As Trump’s legal counsel Harmeet Dhillon tweeted on Nov 26, 2020, multiple allegations contained in Powell’s lawsuit can be divided into two big themes:

  1. “numerous irregularities in vote-counting based on ad hoc law/procedure changes, including putting ballots in the wrong stacks en masse, pre-printed ballots that were “pristine” and unlined; blocking Republican observers from vote-tabulation tables; counting votes after the so-called “pipe burst” election night even though there were no Rep. observers”
  2. “the Dominion voting machines are easily hackable and experts have written scripts to show how one can manually manipulate vote tallies, alter setting so as to put more ballots into a “question” pile and then just delete them”

“These are serious allegations, and maybe the evidence (some of it filed and some of it under seal provisionally) will persuade. Either of these big themes would be enough to change the election results given the narrow margin for Biden”.

She also pointed out another simple and easy to verify charges in the indictment. Thousands of voters return to vote after moving out of a state, which means the same person casted two votes. To verify this, you only need to query the voter registration information in the national database and check the records of each state.

Dhillon said that this allegation affects thousands of votes, in addition to the previously discovered record of fraudulent voting by disguising the courier company’s escrow mailbox as an address. If the number of votes affected by the accusation is large enough, the cancellation of these votes will affect the election results.

She tweeted that the Democratic Party are adopting “increasingly lax voter registration policies” by permitting “no signature verification or other safeguards”, and the court should want to know how many identified individuals in Georgia were voting illegally.

 “I hope the federal court allows inquiry into this low-tech challenge even if it does not bite on the more expert-and statistically-based theories. There’s time to get this right, and we must.” she concluded.

Dhillon’s assessment of Powell’s law suites is definitely good news and boosts confidence of the voters from the judicial perspective.  The judicial independence and an election system with integrity are also the goals sought after by the New Federal States of China founded by Mr. Miles Guo with years of the Whistleblower Movements.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has infiltrated, corrupted and compromised many levels of US government and elites using BGY (blue、gold、yellow) methods, i.e. blackmailing using evidences obtained from high-tech surveillance, monetary bribery, sex bribery. Through brazen interfering and manipulation of the US election, the CCP attempts to install its puppet US president Joe Biden to achieve its long-term control of US. The fraud is so massive on scale and so prolific on variety, it requires a lot of hard and complex work and time for Trump’s legal team to fight back. Fortunately, the lawsuits of Sidney Powell in Pennsylvania have simplified the frauds into two easy-to-understand categories and the evidences and severity of the allegation are truly explosive. Hail to Sidney Powell and his legal team who have released the “Kraken”, let’s wait and see the effect!!!

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