War Room: Pandemic Ep 547 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

Arizona hearing today will be as big if not bigger than Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and just as important.

Briann Kennedy, Chairman of Committee on the Present Danger: Arizona is ground zero for the “digital coup” that went on after the election. FoxNews was confident enough to call the state for Biden early on election night and that changed everything. People who have been examining the numbers understand that it just couldn’t have happened the way it did from 20,000 ahead to 200,000 behind, or the way they’re trying to describe it. So they’re going to get at the heart of those numbers today. They’re going to have a pretty good story with all sorts of fraud both low tech and high tech today. FoxNews will get to why that happened, whether there is any reason to believe it.

Low tech like Ballot stuffing in Maricopa county where you had a lot of absentee ballots brought in here. And then you have dominion software issue.

The governor is a republican, he can call a special session and he’s not. We’re learning today whether people are willing to stand up for America, whether the governor is willing to stand for America and for the people of his own state. And find out whether this was a legitimate election.

No one is asking governor Ducey or the legislature to overturn anything at this moment. We’re asking them to look at it and discover what actually went on. When you find republicans who are not willing to do that that is a shameful thing just to investigate whether or not there was voter fraud and it takes courageous people.

This was also the hit. This was the dying gasp of the republican establishment on Arizona. There are Americans who are moved by President Trump, his agenda, the thing you’ve been fighting for all these years even I’ve been fighting for. This is taken off in Arizona.

If President Trump would have lost legitimately in Arizona, no one would have had an issue.  But everyone in Maricopa County thinks Trump blew out Joe Biden, something went wrong. Simple numbers don’t explain what transpired here, as in all battle ground states.

This is this is one of the biggest tells we’ve seen so far: the attorney general secretary of state in the argument against Lin Wood who is representing citizens and voters of Georgia last night on consent then reverse to seize the machines.

It absolutely insane, she argued that the biggest problem he saw was the potential exposure of the proprietary software of the vendor which was SmartTech. But you know this is part of a piece, isn’t it where you have these high-tech overlords of ours whether it’s Google, Facebook or Twitter, they think they can run our lives. Do we think the people who run Dominion voting machines or SmartTech or any of these are any different than Mark Zuckerberg or any of these other guys? They are just the same kind of people but selling the voting machines. 

Reliability was not just basically there for Dominion. The idea that our elected representatives would protect the people who own the voting systems rather than the citizens themselves is an outrage of epic proportions. 

Jack Maxey: Why on planet Earth do we have a voting system, in which the software is not open source? In which every human being can see how it functioned? Otherwise it’s a black box. Who knows what goes in or what comes out, this is fundamental to finding out the truth. 

Bannon: GOP 2024 should understand that January 5th does not exist right now. We’re going to focus on Jan 5th and we’re gonna win, but you’re going to lose if you don’t focus on the matter at hand. 

Darren Beattie, Political Theorist and Entrepreneur: With GOP government in Georgia, such scale of fraud could happen only when GOP turn bland eyes for DEM to do their evil business. 

With the GOP fence sitters up in Pennsylvania, we have no time right now for people who are willing to sit on the fence or hide behind the wall. This is a time where patriots need to be counted and stand up and we will identify those who were not patriots guaranteed, so if you’re worried about being too tough and it being a problem, you should be worried about being a little too soft and it being a bigger problem.

These people are fundamentally cowards and that can actually be an advantage, not a disadvantage, they just have to be more scared of us than they are on the other side and it’s up to us to ensure that they’re more scared of us than the other side, the counters is actually good, we can bully them into the right position but we have to be stronger than the other side.

So they should be very scared if they’re not standing up for the President here and if they’re not standing up for the truth here because look this is more of it than just whether Joe Biden is legitimate present,  it’s more about whether this was a legitimate election.

If we don’t have legitimate elections, we’re not a legitimate country, that’s how serious this is. 

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