Highlights of Lude Media (Morning)-Nov 30,2020

Jojo, Toronto Maple Leaf Farm

Trump Will Sanction China State Construction, SMIC, China Offshore Oil, Means What?

• The Trump administration is poised to add Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC), China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC), China Construction Technology Co Ltd and China International Engineering Consulting Corp, to a blacklist of Chinese military companies and curb their access to U.S. investors.
o Mr. Lu De reveals that all these companies use overseas capital, such as from Wall Street, to dominate foreign markets.
o The Whistle Blower Movement has presented the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign infiltration program to President Trump and the U.S. interest groups, leading to more sanctions on the CCP.

• U.S. law enforcement raids on flights and vessels of Chinese air and shipping companies. According to China Daily, they questioned their staff in the U.S. for hours to identify the CCP members.
o Mr. Lu De believes that it is not that simple and probably related to how the fake ballots take into the United States or other espionage operations.

• After 2 modifications to his order on Attorney Lin Wood’s case, Judge Timothy Batten for the Northern District of Georgia finally issued a temporary restraining order for 10 days to prevent defendants from destroying or erasing Dominion voting machines.
o Mr. Lu De praises Attorney Lin Wood’s quick response to the corrupt Judge and admires his professional legal capabilities.

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