Linwood Lawyer Quadruple Tweets: U.S. Ready to Fight Back Against CCP’s Color Revolution

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Ranting

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On Sunday night and Monday morning, attorney Linwood posted four tweets announcing the readiness of the United States to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s color revolution against the United States using the CCP virus, riots, fraudulent elections, and urban violence.

He charged that in Georgia, foreign forces were interfering in U.S. elections by manipulating the Dominion voting system and by corrupting and controlling the governor and secretary of state.

Linwood also makes a point of reminding people to read carefully the “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” issued on September 12, 2018. It implied that the United States was prepared for this and would use the Executive Order as a weapon to counterattack.

He also encouraged people: “Confident that we have honest men & women in our government who, like President Trump, love America & the rule of law. Justice is coming.”

Linwood’s series of tweets shows that:

First, the U.S. will define the CCP virus as a biological weapon from the Chinese Communist Party;

Second, the U.S. defines the CCP attack as a “color revolution”;

Third, the U.S. has evidence that the Chinese Communist Party poisoned, financed, organized riots, BGY U.S. officials, and rigged the U.S. election;

Fourth, the United States has been informed of the CCP’s future sabotage plans;

Fifth, the U.S. is ready to strike back, and “justice is coming”. The end of the Chinese Communist Party is near.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!

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