Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (Nov 29, 2020)

Translated by Himalaya CT-KY

Edited by Himalaya CT-64 Himalaya, Himalaya CT-Antsee-GTV

Proofreading and revised by Himalaya CT-Bruce

Audited by Himalaya CT-Wenyun

Dear comrades-in-arms, everyone, I’m Mr. Mask.

1. Dear comrades-in-arms, why does Mr. Guo keep mentioning the vice president of the United States in the presidential election? Share the hidden mystery with my comrades,What we rely on the most is Miles Guo’s successful predictions after the outbreak of the CCP Virus. In fact, most of the US elections are performances. The final outcome is because of the New Federal States of China. 99% of the information about Hunter Biden was not released. The original evidence was only the tip of the iceberg. In the end, it depends on the development of things, the changes in the current situation, how CCP and the forces that cooperate with it make moves and wait for the opportunity to be the real master. President Trump will definitely win. Regarding the vice president, Miles Guo mentioned in the live broadcast after his emergence that the vice president is not a “fuel-efficient lamp”(not easy). This is the same as Miles Guo said at the beginning that CCP is good at playing “political detergent powder”and treats Taiwan with “Double Gun Policy” or “Three Gun Policy”, and now it refers to fighting from the east to the west. Here I am holding you, and I am holding another over there. Throughout the development of the coronavirus in the United States, from people around President Trump to President Trump being infected, people around Vice President Pence were infected but Pence was safe. It is reminiscent that President Trump mentioned by Miles Guo will be elected but he is worried about the president’s safety. CCP will certainly pay a greater price and take greater risks in treating the United States than in Taiwan. As long as President Trump is not elected or is replaced, those candidates who have the legal qualifications and are allowed to become President may be the BGY-target by the CCP.

2. When Mr. Guo talked about Jho Low in 2018, he talked about the corruption of the entire U.S. judicial system and BGY videos. Mr. Guo met with many American friends and the Americans said “Bring him to me, dead or alive.” Jho Low has done too many bad things in the United States. It is not just a little bit of the Department of Justice. It is not only Elliott Brody that he bribed, not only Wu Zheng(aka Bruno Wu) instructing Samberg to repatriate Miles Guo, not only bribery to the US Department of Justice is as simple as that. From the history of the United States, there has been corruption in various departments, including the FBI, prosecutors, members of Congress, and the White House. There has never been corruption in the Department of Justice, but Jho Low has created the first judicial corruption in American history. This was a major blow to the American judicial system, and Jho Low pleaded guilty. The main purpose of Jho Low ‘s bribery of Justice Department officials was to stop his case, deliberately fabricating his intelligence contribution to the United States to bring merits to crimes, and repatriating Miles Guo. It was also discovered that the entire Chinese government did not hesitate to use all costs and even put forward the same conditions as the repatriation of Miles Guo to settle the Jho Low case. Why does the Whistleblower Movement use intelligence to save the world? Everything that Miles Guo broke the news is absolutely related to the situation in the world today. It is not private enmity or self-interest, but true righteousness, great virtue, and great good. And Mr. Guo’s revelation has been verified today, and it also involves the next topic: Taiwan

3. Will Miles Guo’s warning to Taiwan happen today? In what form will it happen? This is the common concern of all Taiwanese and people all over the world. The most important thing for the people of Taiwan to see clearly is that the people of Taiwan must be clear that your president, politicians, no matter which party is not saving you, they are playing politics, maximizing their own political interests and speculating. By revealing a series of facts about the revolution and fulfilling them, Mr. Guo’s appeal to Taiwan, the policy adjustments made by CCP and the comical situation of the US election, we can see that the Taiwanese government is definitely not the best trusted person of the Taiwanese people. They can’t save you. However, the Whistleblower Movement and New Federal States of China must be the best force and the most trustworthy organization to save Taiwan and protect the people of Taiwan. And they has the ability to do his best to protect Taiwan, why? If Biden is elected ,Taiwan will be even more miserable, but if President Trump is elected, then the people of Taiwan will be saved. The Whistleblower Movement and New Federal States of China have the influence, even the decisive power, on the most important things in the world, the most noticeable things.

4. Mr. Guo talked about the CCP plan to attack Taiwan in today’s video. A very important comrade-in-arms has fled to a country in Europe via Russia. This person is someone who can meet Putin directly on behalf of CCP. The conversation between Miles Guo and him today conveyed a lot of information. Now CCP wants to beat Taiwan. Fighting Taiwan is the biggest tacit understanding between CCP and Biden. Xi Jinping believes that as long as Taiwan CCP is beaten, he can live another 50 years. The most important thing is the transaction with Russia in the near future. CCP has made it clear that it will not support or participate in the fight against Taiwan and Russia. Russia will not participate in it or not. The premise is that CCP renews its oil and gas contract with Russia for another 5 years and pays 5 years in advance. If Biden is the president of the United States, he will definitely not participate. CCP also tried the Japanese style and would never participate. As long as the United States, Russia and Japan do not participate, NATO dares not participate at all. Miles Guo once said that TSMC would be finished, and Miles Guo said that BAOSHANG BANK would go bankrupt, and they all cashed out. Mr. Guo said that by the end of the year, the virus must have a major outbreak, but he hopes that the CCP hit Taiwan will not be fulfilled.

5. My comrades in arms, through the current understanding of CCP and the domestic economy, the contradiction between CCP and the people, and the world must find out the truth about the virus and finally destroy the communists in order to fight CCP to death. Fighting Taiwan is the best choice for CCP. The country desperately needs a war to divert public anger. In the past three years, in the U.S. Congress, the military and various departments have shown the most support to Taiwan by the Whistleblower Movement and Miles Guo. It was Miles Guo who broke the news in the media before all the major policies concerning the United States and Taiwan were introduced. The election of President Trump is crucial to the destiny of the people of Taiwan. The only one in the world that has absolute influence on the outcome of this election is the New Federal States of China. In a previous video, Miles Guo talked about Taiwan. He said that American friends told Miles Guo that he was considering abolishing the One-China policy and bringing Taiwan’s economy and the US economy into the scope of national strategic industries. Taiwan’s economy has become the 54th state of the United States. The United States has made it clear that Taiwan must participate in the United Nations and NGOs internationally, and enjoy the same power status as other countries. Mr. Guo told his American friends that if he does this, he will be elected president of the United States in 2024. The people of Hong Kong and Taiwan will support him at all costs.

6. Mr. Guo mentioned the Vice President in his first live broadcast after he came out of the mountain. At that time, he said that when he learned that three people had been released from Qincheng Prison 6 months ago, he knew very well that the creators and executors of CCP’s BGY and 3F Plans had already begun a comprehensive plan in the United States in the world on the second level, these people are the source of his knowledge of Pandora’s Box. In the past six or seven months, he was most worried about these people being arrested again, and worried that these people would no longer carry out this plan. As long as these people carry out the plan, the US election will end with absurd and funny results. The two vice presidential candidates are a dozen or twenty years younger than the presidential candidate. What is Cao Cao’s biggest trouble? It is the son who is waiting for his father to die all the time, and the second emperor is waiting for the emperor to die. How young are the two candidates for vice president of the United States. He invites everyone to pay attention to the two vice presidents, it will be very lively, it is really just beginning. And tell his brothers and sisters that this time the entire legal profession, the entire military, the intelligence community, all the interest groups, and all the bigwigs behind the media will be thoroughly exposed at the last moment. Who has any relationship with CCP? Relationship, whoever has an absolute relationship with CCP will be exposed.

7. My comrades in arms, it is meaningful. Mr. Guo tells us history for what is happening today. Some can’t be explained thoroughly, but the past can be used to satirize the present and the past can be used to tell the present. Everyone knows how far Cao Cao and his sons are fighting? It all started with internal fighting. So this is very important. My comrades-in-arms should never judge a politician by the way we ordinary people think. The media who want to engage in politics definitely appreciate him. No one who wants to engage in politics does not embellish themselves. That is, what you see and hear is not necessarily true. This is why CCP and all political people and financial players use information to influence reputation and human behavior. What makes you think with your own heart is basically misplaced. So my dear comrades, the Whistleblower Movement opened a real window for us, and what we can see from this window is the truth. What can let us open the window to breathe is the fresh air is GNEWS, GTV, not the smell of CCP shit pit. Miles Guo said the last moment, is it the last moment now? Far from it. So what I’m watching now is that all firework and bubbles are blowing and playing. The real influential power that can finally affect the ending has not yet come out. The true core power and ultimate move are still underwater, and the big crocodile has not yet started hunting. This is why Miles Guo said at the last moment, why he said that this is the ultimate contest between justice and evil. Whether the future of the world is heading towards a glorious tomorrow or returning to the day before a sordid ruin. In this battle, our comrades-in-arms are the most important to the final result of this battle, and the actions of each of us are the most important. Without you, it will have the most important impact on the arrival of this result. This is what we are doing to the Whistleblower Movement and all the comrades with Whistleblower Movement. The New Federal States of China and all the people of The New Federal States of China have the power of justice and conscience. We have a mission.

8. Share a tweet from a comrade-in-arms Yitianjian. In the tweet, he said, ” Miles Guo has repeatedly said that the vice president is very important, and I am also puzzled. The original mystery is that according to the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, the president is voted by the House of Representatives, the vice president is voted by the Senate, and the second plan of CCP is to mobilize the silent power of the Senate to elect Kamala Devi Harris as the vice president if Biden fails. Not only to withdraw President Trump, but also to lay the groundwork for usurping the throne. “

We see that the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stipulates that a person who is not eligible to serve as President is also not eligible to serve as Vice President of the United States. However, unlike the provision that the election of the President cannot exceed two times, the 22nd Amendment does not Limit the number of times the vice president can be re-elected. Both vice presidential candidates are very young and have unlimited possibilities. There is only one step away from the highest (power). CCP’s BGY, can others be able to stand it? The degree of CCP BGY has refreshed our understanding of the United States and the world time and time again, and will always exceed everyone’s imagination. With the nuclear weapons that CCP really put down, I believe that everyone has more yet to be exposed. This kind of contest is definitely not as simple as we thought.

9. Then Miles Guo repeatedly talked about worrying about the safety of President Trump for the second time after he came out of the mountain. Miles Guo said in the video that President Trump must be the President of the United States of America on January 20. This is for sure. It will be a reborn Trump and a reborn American Republic. The United States must be great again. However, he has two worries. The first one is the personal safety of President Trump. He has told him several times to make him pay attention to his personal safety, and the President is also very aware of it. He knows very well what CCP dares to do and what CCP wants to do. The intelligence judgments of the Whistleblower Movement and everything supported by intelligence are not predictions. It is because of the accuracy and richness of intelligence. Every time the judgment is correct, he hopes that the president will pay attention to personal safety.

Next, Mr. Guo hopes that the United States will launch a full-scale counterattack on at least three fronts when President Trump takes office. The first United States must drain the internal swamp, especially such traitorous media, theft media, and criminal media that can no longer hide behind the so-called 230 Act and the Second Amendment to commit crimes and cruel loyalty and kindness. In addition, he hopes that the American people will truly repair the legal votes brought by the American constitutional government and various modern American election methods. He hope it can be improved and nothing will happen again. And to find out who is the black hand behind this, it must be strictly governed. This is an international and national crime, and no one can be let go, whether it is internal or external. Third, he hopes that the United States will fully recover within the United States in the economic field. Comprehensive economic recovery means that it must face the truth of the virus and decouple it from the CCP.

10. CCP has to make moves to harm the safety of President Trump. Without the cooperation of the United States, CCP’s moves will definitely not work. This is why CCP needs 3F. Some 3F is threatened by CCP, but comrades in arms must know that some are active. They and CCP have common interests and fit together, not all of them are threatened. Americans are not particularly great and do not do bad things. In the current situation, President Trump can be said to be at the lowest point when he needs help the most. Who will stand with him? The recent series of hot events have revealed how much effect the Whistleblower Movement has played? In short, in the future, the role and status of the New Federal States of China Federation in the international arena. After President Trump wins, we cannot say too much about our G series so as not to give others a handle. Anti-CCP and elimination of CCP are already the consensus of the world and the need of justice.

11. Let’s listen to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast today, which talked about the general election, judicial corruption, and economic issues.

Mr. Guo said:” The Virginia judge rejected the Trump team. Please be sure to look at Mulan’s translation team and make my predictions about the result of the general election funny. When did I start talking about it? What did I say recently? What did I say after returning from the mountain in 27 days? In the end, we must see the vice president of the United States. We must see the Senate and House of Representatives. This scene is so big, why is it as simple as everyone thinks, when you wake up to hear the good news, Trump won? Can that be called funny? That is a miracle. When did I say that there will be a miracle in the general election? Funny, now only slippery but still unclear. No one dares to speak, Lude, Dr. BO, Sister Allie, Dr. GUAN, Dr. MO, no one has ever dared to speak boldly. Wall Street is definitely a CCP running dog, the dog of Hollywood CCP dogs, a cowardly dog, and Silicon Valley is a puppy dog, rubbish. Serious media is a dog that eats garbage. But don’t forget that (the key is) the US legal system, judges may be threatened by BGY more seriously than this. If the United States does not solve the deep problem this time, the judicial system will be BGY, and even the Senate and House of Representatives will be BGY in the past, and the US intelligence services will be BGY. Wall Street and Hollywood will be regarded as gross, and the Americans will not have a safe world and no future. It’s that simple. (Back to the general election) The US legal system, the US electoral system, as long as the governor does not confirm one, the presidential election will be a vain election, and finally the House of Representatives will vote to elect the president. At that time, it will be lively, and all kinds of power will come out. That is, in the end, whoever has the ability to hold the nuclear button of the United States, the power of whoever is the swamp will be revealed.”

12. As Mr. Guo mentioned, the U.S. legal profession, the legal department, and the Senate and the House of Representatives. Note that the Senate is definitely owned by the Republican Party, but what if it turns back at the most critical time? That’s a big problem. So comrades-in-arms, no one knows who is which group or faction until the last moment. Whether it is Kamala Devi Harris or Vice President Pence, it may be a positive force to eliminate the Communist Party, or it may be the opposite. Everything depends on the development of the situation. Now The most important thing is that everyone in the world is choosing. There is a saying in the Buddhist school to put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha. It is possible to stand on either side at the last moment, and everything will surface at the last moment. The contents of the real Pandora’s box have to wait for Miles Guo to decrypt it. But through these videos of Miles Guo, we are very clear that the accuracy of the Whistleblower Movement intelligence and the intelligence-based judgments on the United States and a series of events are completely accurate. So this time it is the election that has the power to decide, or absolute influence, on the destiny of mankind in the world. Only the Whistleblower Movement is revealed.

13. According to Mr. Guo, The federal courts in each state have to fight, and President Trump basically loses. The hearings in each state are the local legislative committee deputies, and Trump basically wins. At the end of the court, Trump has a 90% chance of winning. But winning does not mean that Trump is the president. It is even possible to announce Biden as president on December 14. However, because of a favorable ruling by Trump, one state says that he does not recognize it. Then Biden and Trump are not presidents. The probability that Trump will be elected president on December 14 is not more than 5%, and there is a high probability that Biden is there, or another possibility is that neither of them has been announced. Then go to the House of Representatives. If the House of Representatives elects a president before January 20, it will be lively. So no matter what, President Trump has to work until January 20. Your heart will go through a roller coaster. From December 7th to 8th, you basically know who the president is, and it doesn’t make much sense to follow the procedure. By December 14th it has basically been settled. The game is the next thing to play, then on January 20th is the most fundamental. But to tell everyone, President Trump is the president 100%. What is the only possibility here? Suddenly a judge makes a decision, and there is stronger evidence in the lawsuit. For example, Founder Li You comes holding the liver and tell all the secrets he has. Or the people who dominion operates in Iran and those who operate in China, those in Canada come out to testify. If someone is arrested directly, President Trump announces it. This possibility is also possible, but it is more difficult. I also heard that a certain beauty recently contacted the relevant department and said that she was helping Minnesota. Minnesota did not use Dominica, but it may be that 200,000 votes are now faked. They are completely fake. If the 200,000 fake tickets are recognized, then President Trump Minnesota will win. Then this win will greatly benefit the verdict of his next case. So it’s still early for the comrades in this comic.

Mr. Guo went on to say: “Hong Kong’s economy is about to collapse, CCP economy is about to collapse, and the global farm comrades will start to rescue all our compatriots. Let me tell you clearly, when did you see Seventh Brother one thousand percent or ten thousand percent? Ten thousand percent belongs to Trump. Why? Because of our New Federal States of China, it is more than enough for President Trump to win 10 rounds (so confidence). Remember what I said, winning 10 rounds is more than enough. But it is meaningless that this election does not have a funny result. The more funny, the more proof that we have strength, the more funny we have the opportunity to drink civet coffee with our comrades. The New Federal States of China will never be slaves. Come with me! (Blasting momentum)”

Alright, dear comrades in arms, see you next time!

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