Dumpster Diving

By Jin Wang Illustration: Jin Wang Himalaya – San Francisco – Jinxi

I guess Sleepy Joe Biden ( president-elect ) still hasn’t woken up from his basement naps that keeps him dreaming of the forgotten years gone by. A dream ( more like a nightmare ) of the 47 years of failure that now has Biden pulling out of the trash his hoard of recycled bottom dwellers from the Obama and Clinton administrations to be his Cabinet’s brain trust. Biden just dove headfirst into the dumpster to salvage the weakest and most pathetic cast of losers the United States has ever seen; losers who sold out America’s jobs, technology, intelligence, national security and independence to the Chinese Communist Party and other hostile countries for greed and profit, while secretly and knowingly handing CCP more power and control on a silver platter.
Biden must have had one of his many infamous “faux pas” moments when choosing this worthless cast of clowns, who have blasted him for years with defamatory insults. They label Biden as the “old uncle” who rambles on and on about nothing suffering from dementia. They call him the laughing-stock of politics, a “whitey” racist, and Biden’s response is “you get me man.” Biden’s second in command Kamala ( back-stabbing ) Harris called him “a rapist”, and that he is “trash to me.” Did he forget so quickly??? How can anyone in their right mind vote for a buffoon and his gang of fools??? They all have contempt for Biden, with zero respect…but the perfect puppet to control.
Biden and his pre-assembled team of misfits continue to neglect other dimensions of the Chinese challenge, such as the imperative to better protect U.S. supply chains of PPE and security from Chinese predations and their deployment of biological weapons. Under President Xi Jinping, China has set the goal of becoming the world’s leading military power by mid-century, if not sooner with Biden’s help. To this end, Xi’s regime has pursued a Military-Civil Fusion Strategy that obliges Chinese companies and nationals to steal foreign trade secrets for the People’s Liberation Army. The aim is “to make any technology accessible to anyone” under China’s jurisdiction “available to support the regime’s ambitions,” Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo said in October.
The United States has been a prime target of this espionage campaign. Since 2015, the U.S. Justice Department has indicted hundreds of Chinese and U.S. citizens for violating U.S. export controls, sanctions and other laws prohibiting the transfer of sensitive security technologies to China.
Despite years of promises, including those made personally by Chinese President Xi to U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Trump, Chinese theft of U.S. and other foreign intellectual property continues to run rampant.
U.S. companies investing in China still experience insider theft of their top secrets through comprehensive human and cyber penetration. Chinese firms, think tanks, universities and other entities are constructing connections with U.S. partners to recruit their employees and misappropriate ( steal ) their knowledge for Chinese ends.
The FBI has warned that the American people “are the victims of what amounts to Chinese theft on a scale SO massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.” Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Trump administration the FBI has identified and thwarted a sustained campaign by Chinese operatives to infiltrate critical sectors of the American economy and use whatever they can to benefit Chinese companies. In support of these efforts, Congress has enacted bans on transferring sensitive defense technologies that could aid China’s military buildup and repeatedly supported new security measures to protect against Chinese predations.
A fight is brewing over Biden’s submissive and failed Cabinet picks, in one of the first faceoffs with the Senate Republicans, along with his own party’s progressive radical left’s opposition.
Biden’s Dumpster Picks: Michelle Fluornoy – Secretary of Defense, Anthony Blinken – Secretary of State, Alejandro Mayorkas – Secretary of Homeland Security, Avril Haines – Director of National Intelligence, Jake Sullivan – National Security Adviser, Janet Yellen – Secretary of Treasury, Neera Tanden – Office of Management and Budget Director, John Kerry – Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, Linda Thomas Greenfield – UN Ambassador, Ron Klain – Chief of Staff
Jake Sullivan said “We need to strike a middle course – one that encourages China’s rise in a manner consistent with an open, fair, rules-based, regional order.” Sullivan reasoned that a thriving China, specifically from an economic standpoint, was good for the US and global stability. Are you kidding me???
Anthony Blinken played a key role in pushing the Obama administration to arm rebel groups in Syria as part of an effort to bring about regime change, fueling a proxy war that displaced millions of people. Many of those US-supplied weapons ended up in the hands of Al-Qaida. His position with China is dangerously weak and compromises the security to the US. “Trying to decouple from China…is unrealistic and ultimately counter-productive.” Blinken said. “The US should align with China in supporting their rise…that China is our partner.” Has Blinken completely lost his mind???
Alejandro Mayorkas is a known sell-out during Obama’s term, because of controversy over his role in a decision to provide green cards to Chinese implants who pledged funds to Las Vegas casinos “on behalf of rich, democratic donors.”
Janet Yellen overestimates the strength of the job market and is underestimating the amount of inflation and the weakness in prices and wages of the US economy. She radically underestimates the drag of government spending and debt, taxes and regulation on the economy. Yellen is encouraging of Congress to federalize all debts and load the nation with more national debt, heading for our own Greek crisis ( disaster ).
All of Biden’s picks have been highly critical and against President Trump’s “America First” diplomacy…in contrast to their globalist position as “America Last.” Together they will derail all of President Trump’s remarkable achievements that helped rebuild, strengthen, and secure our national and global interests, security and independence. Biden and Gang will rewrite The Constitution, pack the courts, raise everyone’s taxes, lockdown America, instill fear and Covid, take away our freedoms and liberties, sell out to China ( CCP ) and other countries, destroy democracy, cripple the economy, weaken our military, defund the police, tear down the borders, protect and fund illegal immigrants, implant socialism, rig all future elections, control all media, engage in senseless and endless wars, and sacrifice OUR country…all while living with their own set of “elite” rules ( above the law )…the “do as I say…not as I do” two-faced party – yet punishing you, me and the rest of the blind, voiceless enslaved sheep to obey them without question. Sounds just like The Chinese Communist Party!!!
Tensions are building on various fronts, from complaints that Biden’s team isn’t coordinating with Senate Republicans. Democrats are ramping up pressure to quickly confirm, “fast track” Biden’s Cabinet picks, including holding hearings before Inauguration Day.
The Left Mob Media, Big Tech, Big Money, Corporate America, Wall Street, Hollywood, Sports, and the rest of the deplorable swamp creatures are “ALL IN”
Biden and his recycled trash of wannabes have “made this bed”. They may end up sleeping in it…
President Donald J Trump is a man of courage, a true hero who will never bow to the corruption and evil ways of any fascist regime, domestic or foreign.
Let’s all pray that Truth…that President Trump will prevail and defeat this evil darkness once and for all restoring dignity, honor, hope, integrity and justice for The People…to Make America Great Again!!!

Dumper Diving

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3 months ago

Biden’s Cabinet is a criminal group 😈😈