The True “Value” of Bitcoin Is in Laundering Money

During the GTV livecast on November 26, 2020, the Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Miles Guo disclosed that the true “value” of the existence of bitcoins lies in laundering money for the CCP. He also revealed  that many countries’ legislature bans any other virtual currencies from entering their market. Yet, no media has reported the truth.

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“What makes those bitcoins so valuable? Twenty-one million bitcoins in total, and the price has reached 20,000 [dollars] per bitcoin. First, you can’t buy them; second, you can’t buy anything with them; third, you can’t stock them up; fourth, they can’t be monitored. What makes them worth that much? Aren’t they just to serve you bastards for laundering money? And in many countries, the legislature bans the other virtual currencies from coming in. But don’t forget that 70% of bitcoins were controlled by the CCP. Most recently, it turned to 70% being controlled by Americans. Think about the amount of virtual currencies controlled by them, yet they don’t allow others to buy them. Is there any justice in it? None of these has been reported by the media.” — Mr. Miles Guo


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