War Room: Pandemic Ep 546 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

We are in the fight to save our lives and this republic.

Another massive hearing is to be held on Monday in Arizona.

Boris Epshteyn, Member of Trump 2020 Advisory Board gives detail of what are the victories in the state level:

On Georgia we’re going to get the signature matching;

On Pennsylvania we have a very strong reasonable judge finally who said the truth out loud for the quiet part. This was a massive perpetrated on the American people by the left by the democrats;

In Wisconsin, the media is trying to spin things negatively, but what really is happening: the numbers were never going to go our way. We’re getting a record of all of these ballots that were either cast without a proper application or cast by the clerk fixing them outside of the law and rules of regulations or people who claim they were definitely confined when they’re not. The number of ballots to be identified are outside of zero law.

Arizona hearing on Monday.

In Nevada we are to have hearing on December 3rd.

So go across the country, we’ve got receipts now even though the media is doing all they can to make it seemed not existing.

Pennsylvania witness Leah Hoopes:

What would the state legislature to do in Pennsylvania is to do their job as a representative. They recognize that the public is very angry and they can’t certify this vote with all of the evidence that was presented. We are American citizens or citizens of Pennsylvania who are risking everything to come forward and talk about what we saw, and we all had different vantage points and how do you ignore that?

It’s not about the next election and how they can fix it. It’s about right now and today.

The man defending us now is President Trump. State leadership need to do their job, cannot certify this tainted vote.

For me the biggest thing is the man who was shielding us and the man who is doing the right thing is our President, and it’s about time they actually act and do what these brave forefathers did hundreds of years ago and they can’t certify this vote.

Capt. Sean Parnell USA: Democrat Gov. Wolf removed every safeguard put in place to make sure rules were followed, our election was free and fair. He watered down and completely destroyed ballot integrity here.

I worked on a pretty simple but powerful case to build a strong constitutional case against Annex 77, which is essentially Pennsylvania, no excuse absentee ballot law. It’s clearly unconstitutional because it requires a general state of Pennsylvania to vote on it twice in a row, that did not happen; it requires articles to be placed in two different newspapers advertised for three months, that also didn’t happen; also requires for any sweeping electoral change to be put on the ballot in a referendum. The framers of the constitution intended to give the people a voice and how our elections are conducted and clearly none of that was done.

Supreme Court could do a number of things to help remedy the constitutional crisis our Governor put us in Pennsylvania. Unconstitutional laws disenfranchise everybody.

It will be landmark decision.

People in PE are feeling outrages for what’s going on. If we don’t do something, nobody will trust election again.

Bannon: People are stunned by the completely passive response by GOP leadership in Arizona, Pennsylvania, other battle ground states. This is going to be a month that lives in infamy for the Republican Party, unless they grow a spine. White House has also been exceedingly passive.

Tej Gill, Founder Project War, a veteran owned company. We created the company in 2016 to make “Hillary Clinton killed my friends” T-shirts because of the Bengali stuff and then a friend has been doing patriotic shirts. This fall, we started posting a lot of stuff about the presidential election and Facebook has censored actually shut down our advertising account on veterans day because we posted some things about voter fraud.

There are lots of angry veterans now.

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!
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