Global Times’ Three Hints: China-India Border Situation Continues to Escalate

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Ranting

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Recently, the Global Times, a prominent Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propagandist, reprinted three foreign media reports on the situation along the China-India border, indicating that the CCP has stepped up its war preparations, signaling an escalation of the military confrontation between China and India.

According to a Nov. 25 report on the Military Watch Magazine website, some Air Force fighter units in China’s western theater of operations have gone directly from the J-7 to the most advanced J-16.

According to the article, the PLA’s Western Theater Air Force deployments have begun to transition directly from the J-7 to the advanced J-16, although historically the theater has not been prioritized with the latest equipment. It should be noted that the Western Theater Command is responsible for security along the border with India, an area where tensions erupted in June 2020.

The J-16 is currently the only high-end Chinese fighter deployed in the theater. The PLAAF’s “4++” generation J-10C and Su-35 fighters, as well as the fifth generation J-20 fighters, are deployed in the eastern and southern theaters, facing Japan, Taiwan Province of China, and their western backers.

The Hindustan Times reports that China is strengthening its defenses in the border area of Leh (Ladakh, India). According to the report, the PLA’s reinforcement of outposts, troop movements, and rapid reinforcement of road infrastructure over the past 30 days all clearly indicate that China is preparing for a prolonged standoff on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), and that China continues to pressure India despite discussions between China and India about disengagement and de-escalation of the standoff. (Indian media: China continues to put pressure on India, dozens of tank transports appear near the China-India border)

Global Times also reprinted an Asia Times article stating that India is being dragged into a costly strategic competition with China, and that India is wasting resources that could be used elsewhere. According to the article, since April of this year, everything has been going according to China’s strategy for India, and things have been going exactly as Beijing predicted. In other words, whatever China wants India to do, India will do. (HK media: India is being dragged into strategic competition by China, and will do whatever China wants it to do)

While the public’s attention is focused on the U.S. election dispute and the Sino-Indian border tends to be quiet, the Global Times’ intensive coverage of the military preparations along the China-India border invites one to wonder: when will a new round of border conflict or even war take place underneath the calm exterior or the undercurrents?

On the 25th, Xi Jinping has just emphasized at the Central Military Commission military training conference to comprehensively strengthen the actual combat military training and comprehensively improve the training level and the ability to win.

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