In-Depth Analysis by LUDE Media: Two Major Litigations Against Officials in Michigan and Georgia Will End the CCP Regime Permanently

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Quoting the bombshell from the evening program of LUDE Media on November 26th, 2020: Analysis of two litigations against officials from the States of Michigan and Georgia that will end CCP regime. General Flynn released his recently granted pardon signed by President Trump as the following:

1.General Flynn released details of the pardon signed by President Trump

General Flynn tweeted the official document from the White House regarding his pardon granted by President Trump on November 26th, and he wrote:

This “Pardon of Innocence” is historic, sincerely appreciated & should never happen in our country again. I will issue a personal statement later today.

The pardon letter clearly states that General Flynn does not need this pardon in the first place since he did not commit any crime. And President Trump gave him an extremely high general pardon, which will remain in effect if he is still being framed. 

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Download the White House Pardon Document:

LUDE Media’s analysis includes:

  1. It proves the reveal of LUDE Media once again. Those left-wing media now get punched in the face for their false reports in which they state that General Flynn must first admit his crime before being granted the pardon.
  2. President Trump granted the first pardon in his first term to General Flynn demonstrated that General Flynn is very important and trustworthy to President Trump, and will become a “key figure” in President Trump’s administration in the battle against CCP.

2. Attorney Powell formally filed two major litigations

Bombshell [2]: Attorney Powell has formally released “Kraken” on November 25, which included two litigations against officials from the States of Georgia and Michigan regarding election fraud. The contents of these two complaints are similar. Judges have formally accepted the filings.

Download the full text of court documents:

LUDE Media analyzed the lawsuit documents filed against the State of Michigan:

1: Highlights of documents:

  • The plaintiffs are Chairman of the Republican Party in several counties in Michigan, the defendants are Chief and Secretary of State, together with the Inspection Committee.
  • Jurisdictional Pathway: U.S. Code (Local civil litigation), Constitution of Michigan (State Supreme Court), Federal Constitution (Federal Supreme Court).
  • Appeals: Demand Chief and Secretary of State, Inspection Committee, to stop certification of votes and seal “Dominion Voting System”.
  • In terms of the 17th item from witness testimonies, as what has been skillfully interpreted and proved in the edited proclaim by a former electronic intelligence analyst who has expertise on the electronic intelligence of SAM missile system: “The agent accessed Dominion on behalf China and Iran, aiming to monitor and manipulate election” (Including case number).

2. Content Analysis:

  • The complaint started from civil litigation in the local court, demanding the Governor and Secretary of State, Inspection Committee to stop certification of votes and seize the “Dominion Voting System”. This complaint did not intend to take the Democratic Party or administration staff accountable, so it is easy to win the lawsuit based on that.
  • The real bombshell lies in the 17th item in the testimony which singles out the involvement of hackers from CCP and Iran in monitoring and manipulating U.S. election by means of Dominion software CCP comes along with Iran—profoundly significant.
  • According to Court Rules, defendants should advocate defending based on the plaintiff’s testimony. However, the 17th item is categorized as intelligence testimony, involving foreign threats to US national security, therefore, will definitely not be debated by defendants. As a matter of fact, it is not necessary to defend, considering the type that plaintiffs demand. 
  • The actual defendants based on the 17th item in testimony are CCP and Iran – the government who will definitely not present in court, therefore, will be convicted by default. As a result, the 17th item in testimony along with the complaint holds true. 
  • Once the 17th testimony is established, all domestic media must unify their tone. For left-wing media controlled by CCP, reporting how CCP and Iran manipulate US election must become mainstream for them to avoid the charge of “treason”. This out to be a slap on their face. 
  • Dr. Yan referred to Covid-19 Coronavirus as a biological weapon in her second scientific article. As this view involves national security, most mainstream media have no gut to even write false reports or arguments on this 2nd paper, but only to attack her 1st publication.

Therefore, the Daily Mail news website reported right away: “Powell claimed Iran and China’s manipulation of election to support Biden utilizing voting machine software in Venezuela which specified the criminal charge of Iran and China.”

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  • The names of CCP and Iran appeared in this complaint at the same time, together with the fact that, Secretary of State Pompeo has talked about CCP directly in line with Iran terrorist regime during a speech in October, suggesting that US government will eventually bundle CCP with Iran on the diplomatic scale. Now as Iran is known to be the enemy of America, so it is undoubtful that CCP will be defined as evil regime in the future.
  • As long as one successful litigation is achieved, the rest will come. With the unveiling of more evidence, a charge for “War Crimes” is foreseeable.
  • In the future, another litigation will focus on depriving the Diplomatic Immunity of CCP [4]. Losing this immunity will mean the disappearance of its “amulets” and plead from both democratic and republican parties. In addition, after the virus is confirmed to be a biological weapon, President Trump will be able to push decoupling, diplomatic dissociation breaking down of firewall and RMB, and the elimination of CCP in the end.
  • We have learned that every litigation is one necessary step in the process of taking down CCP, whether it be conducted by excellent President Trump’s legal team, by Powell’s legal team, or by Linwood’s legal team.

3. Kissinger tells Biden to go easy on China

As reported by “The Hill” on November 24th [5]: Kissinger tells Biden to go easy on China.

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Combining with the two litigations above, we can see the ending of the Kissinger Era, which has influenced U.S. diplomatic policy for nearly 50 years, While Kissinger always advocates “Pro-Communist” policy, the other primary “populism”  by Mr. Bannon strives for taking down Communism. Once there comes the judiciary result of the American election fraud case, CCP’s “3F Plan” will be exposed, and The U.S. appeasement of the CCP will also come to end. President Trump’s elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is imminent.

[Editor’s note] Let us end this article with Bible verses quoted from General Flynn’s tweets:

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Author: 【重生】 Translation: 【阿基米德】Proofreading: 【MZ-03】Editor:【Isaiah4031】【GM80】

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