Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Nov 28,2020

Jojo, Toronto Maple Leaf Farm

Iran Nuclear Father Assassination Will Activate What Kinds of Chain Reactions

• Iran’s Defense Ministry has confirmed that Iran’s Nuclear Father, Fakhrizadeh, was killed in Tehran. Mr. Lu De and his guests shares their thoughts on the matter:
o It is set up by the Chinese Communist Party to shift the international spotlight away from it.
o The U.S. and Israel teamed up in confronting Iran to protect Israel from Nuclear threat. And the U.S can have a chance to present the evidence of Iran to help itself get through the election crisis.

• The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Saturday has dismissed Rep. Mike Kelly-led lawsuit that was attempting to throw out the votes of 2.5 million Pennsylvanians and halt certification.
o These Congressmen vow to appeal to the Supreme Court due to a 2019 P.A. law , Article 77, that allowed no-excuse mail voting is unconstitutional. This unconstitutional bill has resulted in a large number of fraudulent ballots that violated the rights of voters this year, the plaintiffs would prevail in the Supreme Court. And Joe Biden will get knocked out.

• Ohio certified its election results after President Trump won the state by a landslide, which gives him 18 votes in the electoral college. However, Joe Biden’s mainstream media remains silent on the news.

• At the end of the show, Mr. Lu De concludes that President Trump’s campaign strategy this year will definitely become a classic case study.

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