Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (Nov 28, 2020)

Translated by Connecticut Pan Gu Farm-KY

Edited by Connecticut Pan Gu Farm -Annie

Proofreading and revised by Mike Li / DIDI

Audited by Connecticut Pan Gu Farm -Truemanman

1. Regarding the general election, it has been a lot of excitement recently, and the final decision is in the Supreme Court. Now the twists and turns that are going on right now are all temporary, delaying tactics, delaying but not changing the final outcome, but will not change. The Supreme Court is the place where the final word is hammered out.

2. In Hong Kong, Zhong Nanshan delivered a speech, and all personnel should be tested for the coronavirus. Mr. Mask pointed out that the recent epidemic in Hong Kong has been very serious, and there must be a political agenda in the testing of all personnel. In mainland China, full-scale testing has aroused public outrage. This matter has become a source of income for CCP and its CCP local governments. Testing and isolation have become the industrial chain and even the source of import and export income.

3. President Trump tweeted: Where’s Hunter? Mr. Mask recalled that Hunter’s father went to McConnell a few days ago. Will McConnell discuss it with President Trump? President Trump is very relaxed.

4. Secretary of State Pompeo, investigated and sanctioned four corporate entities in the CCP and Russia, which provided nuclear bomb support to Iran. Sanctions similar to these have not stopped.

5. 230 Section, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned, will definitely be repealed. The emergence of GTV and Gnews was an indication of the disruptive changes that were foreseen in the media industry. Mr. Miles Guo has already mentioned in many of his videos.

6. Mr. Guo’s live video on Section 230: “No matter who gets elected, Trump is definitely elected. The United States has completely changed the Section 230, and will go in the opposite direction. The entire news structure of the United States, CNN, Fox, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and twitter will definitely be changed dramatically. When the media changes, the world you see will be completely different. At this time, another financial approach will be born. When you change the media, you change the truth.”

Video 2: “A lot of big things are happening. Section 230 means that trillions of dollars of value are coming our way. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will be over. Only our GTV.”

Mr. Mask:” This is the significance of the repeal of Section 230. All the old world, the old media, the support of Biden, the blackout of the true media, will become history. Section 230 is an ordinance that endangers national security and will definitely be repealed.”

7. Video replay of Miles Guo’s election:

There will be a wave of courts and legislatures in every state. One possibility is that Biden will be announced as elected on December 14, and the other possibility is that neither of them have been declared elected. This will go to the Senate. Either way, President Trump is going to be President until January 20.

“There is another possibility. For example, Founder Li You will come holding his liver, and a few people operation Dominion in Iran and Canada will come out, difficult. I heard that a beauty is coming out in Minnesota, where the Dominion system is not used, saying that she involved in 200,000 fraud votes.”

Mr. Mask: “The Hunter incident is still festering. The relationship between Biden and CCP is a series of things that are absurd today.”

The Federal Court dismissed the Pennsylvania lawsuit, and the dismissal will definitely go to the Supreme Law. The Supreme Law is the final word. This rejection is not an end, but a new beginning. Pennsylvania is a focal point.

8. Mr. Giuliani’s video replay highlights: “Through careful selection by the Democrats, in key 6-8 states, have overwhelming evidence of different types of voter fraud in key 6-8 states. Mr. President knows all about this! In the areas they controlled, they controlled the media, even the legislature and the judiciary, for 20-30 years, deceiving the American people.”

Mr. Mask:” Mr. Giuliani gave solid and substantial evidence, that everything recently is paving the way for entering the Supreme Court. All the dismissals and preventions are the fireworks before the showdown and the bubbles before the bursting. As Mr. Miles Guo said, CCP is using every means possible, but the final outcome based on evidence. With the truth, with Powell, Giuliani and other great lawyers, President Trump will win.”

9 Zhong Nanshan on the suggestion that Hong Kong should be fully re-test. Mr. Mask pointed out: Hong Kong is now a harbor of fear. CCP has tossed one after another. On the one hand for consideration of interests, and the most important is the consideration of policy. Through a series of measures, CCP says one thing, Hong Kong cannot say another. This kind of thing was impossible in Hong Kong before! Through this kind of intimidation, authoritarian, intends to bring Hong Kong to its knees completely.

10. The WHO’s claim that the new coronavirus did not originate from China is a highly speculative statement. The first patient must be investigated. The first patient is currently known to have appeared in Wuhan, China in December last year. Mr. Mask pointed out that the next virus investigation will be an extermination drama for CCP.

11. The UK has initiated legislation to block Huawei’s 5G. Mr. Mask believes that Huawei’s 5G represents CCP, and the world’s attitude towards Hong Kong, attitude towards Huawei, attitude towards Taiwan is the attitude towards CCP, and the future trend is to eliminate communism.

12. President Trump tweeted that something big will happen in the next 1-2 weeks. Mr. Mask speculates about several major events: 1-Section 230, 2- Sanctions on entities related to Iran’s missile program. Mr. Miles Guo once said that Iran’s nuclear weapons were provided by CCP. In addition, when Mr. Miles Guo was talking about Pandora’s Box before, he said that Wang Yi said “Don’t force me to open Pandora’s Box”. All this pointed to a goal-destroying the Communist Party!

13. President Trump’s video: “The election figures are untrue. What will happen in the next 1-2 weeks will shock everyone!” Mr. Mask pointed out: “People do not accept the results of these elections, and the next 1-2 weeks coincide with the timing of what Mr. Guo said.”

14. Suspected North Korean hackers have recently tried to break into the system of AstraZeneca, a manufacturer of the new coronavirus vaccine. Mr. Mask: “Behind North Korea is the CCP. The vaccine war has become a weight for competition and politics among countries, and a tool for accumulating wealth and controlling the economy.”

15. It is very sad that one of our outstanding comrades in arms was unfortunately infected. I was particularly touched by the help of the comrades in Pangu Farm in Connecticut. Mr. Guo arranged to take action in the first time. Together with such comrades, Eliminating the Communist Party will surely be won. Touching! Don’t worry, I believe my comrades in arms will definitely get better. Mr. Mask urged his comrades:” The epidemic is serious, and they must pay attention to safety! Don’t be careless! Masks and gloves, good living habits, disinfect after returning home.” The best way to kill this virus is to Take Down The CCP.

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5 months ago

Thank you MR Mask!