Sovereign Currency Crisis; Who Are Behind Those Cryptocurrencies

In Mr. Miles Guo’s G-TV live-cast on 11/22/2020, there are 4 key takeaways: 

  1. A sovereign currency crisis is looming, this will eventually lead to: the destruction of the currency and the reestablishment of the currency system; or, a war. This is how human history has evolved.  
  2. There are a few dark, evil organizations in the world, including those media giants.   The only ideology they believe in is – monopolism, the core of capital markets. Their goal is to reset the world order and monopolize the world: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Baidu of China, Jack Ma, Twitter, just to name a few.  They are trying to use cryptocurrencies as an essential method to monopolize the world. 
  3. Swiss Franc has been the strongest European currency for decades. The reason is simple: more than half of Swiss francs belong to those super rich and powerful; they cannot allow it to depreciate. 
  4. The CCP is deemed as the indispensable partner for the Dark Force interest groups due to the appeal of the vast market; and that the CCP can provide a dictatorship which enables manipulating a fake currency for a very long term. Hence when it comes to Chinese companies’ IPO’s in the U.S. market, the U.S. willingly turns a blind eye, not verifying their IPO documents, all in the name of the “China Story” to make it easy for the Dark Force to swindle money from the people. 


Let me tell you a story behind it all. Maybe BIAs already know the figures – who can tell me how much USD in circulation in the world now, the legitimate ones? In the whole world, how much USD in total? Anyone care to guess? “Little Prince” says 100 trillion, “Mr. Dawn” says 80 trillion. 200 trillion, 30 trillion, …500 trillion – this is way off. The US dollar is about 100 trillion, as agreed by all countries officially. Actually about 86 trillion, permitted by law. But the acquiescence is 200 trillion, known by all. So this means it is diluted by an additional 100 trillion. In reality, a lot more than this number even. 

Don’t just limit yourself to China, nor America, when you think about it globally, how much is the world’s annual GDP, brothers and sisters? 60 trillion?… Think it through, everyone, How much is the GDP per year, for all mankind? Isn’t GDP something that people consume day by day, right? Now there are a total of 100 trillion USD, permitted by law, with the acquiescence stands at 200 trillion. Suppose we take that 100 trillion out of the equation.  what is the biggest threat we humanity are facing now? How could the economy keep going like this? 

Someone sent me a message asking me to take a look at video/audio footages of Jack Ma, Zuckerberg, Jack of Twitter, the boss of Google, and Soros. about their meetings at certain places, regarding the U.S. election. I said no. He was rather surprised, “Brother Seven [Miles], you are not interested in these? Why?” “I absolutely know a lot more than what you have. I don’t need to know about these. ” 

Among all the frauds in this world, what is the most frightening? That is the massive fraud in currencies. When a currency gets diluted to a certain level, the only path forward will be to destroy this currency and reestablish the system, or, to start a war. That is the currency will no longer be honored anymore. This is how human history has evolved. Believe it or not, accept it or not, this is how it always is. What can you do about it? Nothing mysterious at all. 

The CCP has been working on this cryptocurrency called DCEP. Don’t forget, everyone, even N. Korea is working on cryptocurrency as well. And bitcoin – how inflated has bitcoin become now? Who are behind all this? It’s not just the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). We humans are confronting huge problems, including gold, silver, and precious metals. What stage has the world come to? 

There are a few dark, evil organizations in the world, Including those media giants. Having tens of billions, hundreds of billions under their control, now they want to reshuffle the cards and reset the world order. You may wonder if they believe in communism? Or, socialism? Neither. The only ideology they believe in is – monopolism. Monopolism is the core of capital markets. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Baidu of China, Jack Ma, all of them, and Twitter… All have the colors of monopolism seeping through them. Not to mention Wall Street – whoever wants to launch an IPO in the world, there is no escaping from being ripped off by them first. 

A bit like that certain tribe in Yunnan… Also like the old “tradition” set by CCP officials in the past. Before a wedding was allowed to take place, the bride had to be offered to the village chief for a night. It is the same gimmick this dark force is in on now. Whoever wants to get married has to offer the bride for a night, or, even for a week. They want to monopolize the world. This dark force is much stronger than you could imagine. Foremost, they know all the sovereign currencies will collapse. The sovereign currencies are bound to collapse. At that moment, they’d demand all countries to recognize their own currencies. Facebook has gotten its Libra. Google and Twitter follow the suit. The CCP has its DCEP (cryptocurrency). And a few countries are set to start as well. This is why the U.S. adamantly forbids Americans from obtaining cryptocurrencies. As once the gate is lifted, nobody would want to use USD any more. 

Which European currency is the strongest? Tell me which is the strongest? For the past two decades, which one has only gone up and not down? Feel free to take a guess, let me hear it. The pound? How much has the pound sterling fallen?! The Swiss franc? We’ve got talent among our BIAs! The Swiss franc it is! For the past few years, the only currency that has not dropped is the Swiss franc. How much is the total value of Swiss francs? BIAs, tell me. Wenqi is awesome. Brother Seven [Nickname for Miles] loves you! “Now in the territory of negative interest rates”. Of course. How much is its value? How much is the worth of Swiss Franc? Only 30 trillion. Our BIAs got it right. Such a small amount?! Not much with all added up. So easy to be swallowed up. But why doesn’t the Swiss franc depreciate? Is it about Switzerland production output? Its GDP? Economy? What stuff does Switzerland produce? Switzerland, actually, is all about finance. Switzerland doesn’t produce much at all; its backbone is finance. 

Many of the real masters of the world’s sovereign currencies, and the super-rich have converted their wealth into Swiss francs. So, they cannot allow it to drop. More than half of the 30 trillion Swiss francs, let me tell you, all belongs to this group of people. If you have big money, give it a try to deposit as Swiss francs, they’d definitely scrutinize you inch by inch. The moment you walk into a Swiss bank, you’d be treated as if you are walking into a police dept. Extreme scrutinization awaits. 

The U.S. has this anti-money laundering law. This anti-money laundering law goes rather extreme. It treats all people from the world as if they were terrorists, Extensive verification, indeed. Could this be any more unreasonable? Utterly unreasonable. Switzerland is even more unreasonable. In the name of caring for clients’ security. they only provide a safe haven for the few they aim to protect, leaving the rest of the world with no safe choice with their money. 

Now let’s look at the U.S. dollar. Everyone says it has been way over-issued, aka, the term of QE (Quantitative Easing). The RMB is practically joss paper; only fools still believe in it. Even more so for the Hong Kong dollar. The Japanese Yen – it is impossible …The Yen is a sovereign currency, but Japan lacks of natural resources; this entails risks of too many turbulences and uncertainties. Hence the Yen can never become a major reserve currency. Impossible. The pound sterling is somewhat decent, not too bad. But its volume is limited. 

The dark force behind this U.S. presidential election – all want to help the CCP, and all stand with the CCP. The reason is simple. What they really want are three things, among which the CCP can provide them one. [The CCP is] a regime that can manipulate its fake and future currency for a long time, a dictatorship that they can collude with. What can this dictatorship offer them? A vast market. The biggest advantage China has in the world’s financial sector is what the Americans have agreed upon from day one when it comes to IPOs – no need for the U.S. to verify the IPO docs (of Chinese companies)! Why? As this serves as the best excuse for them to swindle money. When it comes to Chinese companies’ IPOs, the U.S. doesn’t need to verify the docs. So you may claim whatever you’d want. Wouldn’t you say this game is quite ridiculous? Brothers and sisters, isn’t it absurd? 

All must be wondering as rigid as the U.S. rules can be, when a regime comes to you to swindle your money, “I don’t need to verify the docs. I trust it is whatever you claim it to be.” One could have thought that the U.S. is naïve to a fault, right? But it is all about the disguise of the “China story”. It’d let the Chinese companies tell it however they’d like. “I’m Baidu; I possess traffic of more than a billion users. I’m Jack Ma – with Ant Financial, I have several trillions of RMB; with Lufax Holding, I have upwards of 10 trillion RMB. In case I am in a good mood, and wake up in the middle of night, after completing my ‘twisted sex act’, I might just throw in another ‘0’ at it to make it 100 trillion. Can you inspect? You cannot. Or, come and inspect away as you wish. I’ve got all the docs and data prepared for you.” The Chinese government’s data is never made public. Nobody can verify; nor can any third party be allowed to verify. Per world’s statistics, the gov. or regime with the least accurate data is not N. Korea. The most mysterious one is not N. Korea either. It is none other than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Transcription:【重生】Translation:【一花一世界】   Proofreading【RD16】Subtile:【Pamila(文明) 】Video Recoding:【恒久忍耐】 Editor:【GM80】

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