Is Human Nature Good or Evil? – Part 6

Traditional culture believes that all suffering comes from selfishness; vice versa where all happiness comes from. There are certain habits and seeds brought from past life, but still everyone is different. However, modifications can be made through nurture in present life on both external and internal levels. Let’s start from the external factor. Traditional culture indicated that the environment was the most significant external factor that may affect the majority of people. The essence of education is to impact the environment through four different channels.

The first channel is the family, which is driven by our parents. Parents are the very first teachers of any person, especially from 0 to 6. Given that parents have greatest influence on the infants, what habits and behavior they possess, whether they have virtue or not, their children tend to learn in subtle ways because Infants and children learn by imitating.

The second channel is the school, which is driven by the teachers. When people start the school, the influence from the parents may decline because people follow the guidelines provided by the teachers. Therefore, what teachers tell orally and what content is fed by the schools are equally important.

The third channel is the society, which is driven by set of values contributed by what books people read, what movies people watch, whom people deal with including supervisors, colleagues and friends and even what advertisement people see in the street. Such education comes from the society will impact the value built up by the people.

The fourth channel is spiritual enrichment, which is driven by the faith or religion that also has a profound impact on people. This education is about spiritual reflection, which can also be deemed to be the education of faith. Faith is a complete value system. For example, believers in Christianity have a whole set of logical systems to interpret the world and life; if people believe in other religions including Buddhism, Taoism and even Confucianism, there are also corresponding logical systems.

The influence from these channels is superimposed on people, which may potentially make changes in every single person. What was presented above has explained lots of inappropriate habits and behavior from Chinese because the CCP has destroyed all four channels of education in the mainland of China. Each of us is a result of the superposition of the various channels of education.

The 10-year Cultural Revolution initiated by Mao Zedong destroyed lots of conventional good characters. In consequence, the parents in China cannot play their roles related to the family education due to the CCP’s brainwash. In addition, the younger generation in China unfortunately does not meet teachers in school with appropriate character. Education is a kind of ability, a kind of wisdom, a high degree of wisdom. However, the schools in China are full of worshiping money and celebrities, which were dropout in ancient times. Deng Xiaoping said, “Regardless of black and white cats, those who can catch mice are good cats”.  In society, the mainstream value in China is goal-oriented at any cost. Apparently, the social environment has impacted the younger generation negatively. The CCP is also monitoring all the public and no truth can be shared with people. Finally, the CCP is controlling all the faith and religion in China, and any real religion is forbidden by the CCP. For example, the CCP created so called “Christianity with Chinese specialty”; made temples of Buddhism as tourist quarters and defined Taoism as “Feng Shui”. Again, all these religions are profit-oriented under the ruling of the CCP. Furthermore, the CCP took the advantage of Confucianism abroad to set up intelligence agencies in other countries. As a result, the younger generation in China has never been fed with appropriate guidelines from the real masters of various religions. All what those masters recommended by the CCP did is to fleece the people without any ethics and necessary knowledge related to the religions. However, the younger generation in the nation possesses even less knowledge and cannot make necessary judgment as a result. The education in the country can never improve and serve the benefits of the people until the CCP is taken down.

In the West, also there are several problems associated with these four channels of education, and the problems cannot be resolved in short run. However, such problems are critical, which can be caused by either nature or nurture. However, higher level of education is derived from how to change people’s destination, which is the soul of Buddhism and Taoism. On the other hand, Confucianism cannot reach such height. The traditional Chinese education system was built up based on the interpretation on the humanity. The traditional Chinese education emphasized that great fortune has to be always associated with great wisdom, which is called “Kai Zhi” in mandarin. The Chinese ancestors have pointed out that people can change the destination of not only themselves but also their following generations with great fortune.


Translator: Neal

Proof-Reader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/11/28

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