Thanks to Tian-Ai and Other Brave Brothers and Sisters in Arms Inside the “Wall”!

Sister Tian-Ai boldly proclaimed that she supported Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement in a police station in Mainland China in this video clip about two years ago. She was so brave facing the policemen who persecuted her to disclose the truth of the CCP and kleptocrats. Mr. Miles Guo thanked Tian-Ai and other brace ordinary brave brothers and sisters-in-arms inside Communist China during his GTV livecast on Thanksgiving Day.


I support Miles Guo’s Whistleblower Movement. I support Miles Guo unveiling the crimes of the kleptocrats. Yes, the Whistleblower Movement changes China. The corrupted officials transferred their money and properties abroad. And we got to know the truth and spread the truth, but you have been arresting us on their behalf. How sad, isn’t it? Why don’t you go and arrest those kleptocrats? Don’t work for the CCP. Don’t work for the devils. Alright?

They sent their children abroad and transferred their money abroad. We have been eating the GMO food that they introduced but they don’t since they have the special supplies. Right? You even bought my evil neighbors to beat me up and they haven’t compensated me for my medical expenses until now. You even withdrew his fine of RMB ¥500. I knew you did that. I’ll fight with you if I don’t die today. 

I’ve been promoting democracy but does it do any harm to you? Aren’t you one of the old hundred names? Aren’t you policemen the old hundred names? If China can move towards freedom and democracy, judicial independence, free schooling for children, and free health care, won’t those all be good for every policeman of you? But you still work for them to hurt me and arrest me, and arrest those who expose the CCP’s crime on the internet. Don’t you feel sad about it? 

The Ministry of Public Security above you is the largest criminal group headquarter. How many Ministers of Public Security have been arrested? One died after another. This group comes up to kill that group. They are all corrupted officials to devour each other and attack each other. How come you still work for them. So sad! This country is so sad! Today you make me feel desperate. One day, remember my words, you will have your desperate day! Remember my words if you don’t believe me. 

I said it more than three years ago that Mao Dollar [RMB] would become the paper burned as offerings for the dead. Have you seen that of it today? It is worthless now. They have been desperately printing money, and then taking back the money from our hands. Why? Printing money results in inflation. I even know that as a nobody. You as policemen should know more than us, right? Yes? 

What you eat is … They introduced GMO food but they don’t eat it themselves. They have special supplies. They can even fly to Japan for vegetables. Think about it. They can fly to Hong Kong just for a meal. 

One policeman

Have you seen it? 


What? How to know it without the Whistleblower Movement? Miles Guo, pay close attention to Miles Guo. Have I seen it? If you don’t believe what I said, you may search for Miles Guo on the internet. Okay, brother? If the whistleblowing of Miles Guo is fake, why don’t the CCP go to court with Miles Guo in the U.S.? Why doesn’t it dare? It’s because they all are kleptocrats. Isn’t that so obvious?  All evidences are in Miles Guo’s hands. Why are they so afraid of Miles Guo?Why? It’s because Miles Guo has all the information. Miles Guo had worked in the CCP’s systems as an agent for 28 years. He knows them too well.

Mr. Miles Guo:

Today I sent out the notice that I was going to do a livecast on Thanksgiving day. The first person that I want to thank is Lude. The second is Tian Ai. Tian Ai is still inside of the “wall” [Mainland China], but she is the person who is persecuted by the CPP. The represented many ordinary brothers and sisters in arms. We will never forget Tian Ai.

Translator:【GM80】【Isaiah4031】Subtitle:【Naomi (文花开) 】Editor:【Isaiah4031】

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3 months ago

Take down the CCP! Praying for Sister Tian-Ai 🙏


Himalaya Rose Garden Team

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint” 【Isaiah 40:31】 Nov. 28