War Room: Pandemic Ep 543&544 summary

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  • Author: Jenny Ball

If it’s media’s choice, nobody can see the truth.

Courage is contagious. Courage is the new pandemic.

Bottom line of Georgia: we are burning daylight: these deadlines are not going away.

Raheem: The point of President Trump’s Georgia rally this weekend is urgency, happening on the back of the momentum from Pennsylvania hearing, Wisconsin, Michigan Delaying the rally another week effectively says the President has given up, sends all the wrong signals.

John Fredericks Radio Show: The bottom line is there’s a sense of urgency here and my biggest fear about this rally, it’s worth reiterating the Trump voters are not going to turn out if they don’t see that the Trump campaign and the other republicans are fighting to save, to stop the steal.

They already know from the news media that Stacey Abrams is already mailed out another 850,000 absentee ballots, they’re flooding the zone again, it’s going to be the same thing all over again. 

So the rally has to be about fighting to get the absentee balance authenticated, to get the signatures on the envelopes verified, ballots and envelopes have been separated in Georgia. At this point, you can only determine invalid signatures. If a significant percent of signatures and addresses do not match or are invalid, action must be taken, to get that out in the media and to stop the certification to bring attention to city power with 104 page lawsuit, that’s what the rally should be!

Saturday Trump rally needs to be about stopping the certification, to bring attention to Sidney Powell ‘s lawsuit.

Bannon: If the GOP Establishment in battle ground states do not stand up now, it’s over. They will all be gone, primaried. Now is the time to stand up behind President Trump, the legitimate President of the United States who should be re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

What happened to Gettysburg was historic. Pennsylvania Rep. Dawn Keefer walks us through what’s happened since then: With new resolution, we are calling on our Secretary of State to rescind election verification, not seat any electors until we are able to independently verify results.

Fraud has been identified already, but what has been raised in court has not been enough to change the vote. But we’re not talking about voter fraud; we’re talking about election fraud, a problem with the process itself.

Giuliani: you just keep going forward the dancing on your grave: now because the third circuit walk us through, this is not a catastrophic defeat, it actually helps us because it gives us another vehicle of the supreme court. A far better than they decided quickly, then they took four weeks. So the reality is I don’t think people understand the strategy. The strategy is to get to the supreme court with three or four different types of claims, all of which come to the conclusion that this election was systemically fraudulent. 

Unbelievable fraud was orchestrated by one actor in 6 or 7 different states.

If the Left pulls off the manipulation of our political system through mail in ballots in this 2020 election, they will overtake the GOP.

We have hundreds of affidavits in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona — those are all human beings swearing under oath that they witnessed some form of election fraud.

No reason fraud cannot be resolved by December 8.

A hero, State Senator Doug Mastriano Pennsylvania, here’s the bottom line, who cares what version. We’re gonna run something across line. Need ten of these two versions in the house, and senate resolution is to reassert our authority to pick the electors for President. We can go in with the Democrats’ Pennsylvania certification, say it is not viable, and disarm them.

Tracing back of 925 years ago on the 27 November, the year 1095 in a field in Clermont, France, Pope the second gave a clarion call to go to the defense of Constantinople, which had been under attack by a rising force, Turks and others gave a clarion call to go free the holy land.

Raymond Ibrahim, author of one of the best books out there about the military conflict between Islam and the west. The background of the crusades:

Around that time, Armenia, right now Azerbaijan, was destroyed by the Turks. The historic capital of Armenia was burned to the ground, with over a thousand one churches torched as well. So the byzantine emperor contacted the Pope for help.

And pilgrims were being murdered and extorted and they would cut their bellies open to see if they’re hiding gold and treasure in this sort of thing.

So that’s the background suburban calls for the crusades. How all has been changed? This issue that we’re dealing with today and what’s plaguing us is because of fake news. They have been denying to acknowledge what’s really happening and suppressing it. They’re going to give you a completely different narrative about how for 400 years from the year from the rise of Islam in the seventh century up until the crusades, everything was fine until evil people play and greed and hypocritical Christians decided to go and ruin it all and attack and kill Muslims, and until today Muslims are angry because of the crusades, and that’s why they’re killing people.

It’s what’s happening today because if you look at what’s happening today with Muslims especially to Christians and Christian minorities, it’s the same story, so it’s a very unwavering continuity.

In an all-round it spread past and present with fake news.

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