【Wen Yong Miscellaneous Talk】 The Sociological Reason Behind the Frequent Occurrence of Suicides and Homicides Committed Among the Students in the Communist China

According to a report made on November 13th, 2020, by the Nan Jing police, Li, a high school student in Nan Jing, killed his mother on the night before due to an argument about his education, which was a long term dispute.

Faced with unbearable stress from difficult schoolwork, Li reacted in the most extreme manner by killing his mother. However, more students chose to commit suicide instead to escape from the cruel competition of college entrance exams, and their parents’ abuse.

What makes maternal love deformity? Make the child unbearable? Or what makes the child so frantic? Kill your own mother?

Location of the crime
Location of the crime

Whether the mother felt regret when she was dying?  How does she communicate with her children? What did the child think when he raised the knife to his closest person? The mother will never have the chance to think about why his son would kill her, who she worked hard to raise up, and the son destroyed his own future and will spend the rest of his life in prison?

What a tragedy it is in the human world!

On 20th September, there was a wide video spread on the internet from a school, a mother in Wuhan was ‘invited’ to school by the teacher for her son’s learning problems. Maybe it was because of embarrassment, maybe because she was too angry, she directly slapped her son, causing him to jump off the building. The child used this [self-termination] to complete the cruellest revenge against the parent.

Of these two mothers, one was killed by the son, and the other was to humiliate the child and ruin the child’s life.But the two tragedies are the same in essence. At this point, we must not only ask, what makes the world’s most selfless maternal love a tool to poison children, and the most beautiful love between mother and son become the reason to hurt each other? Animals still have the grace to kneel and breastfeed, but how can Chinese children be cultivated so coldly? How parents become so rough and apathetic to their beloved children. What the hell are happening to our nation?

If you search on Google, we will immediately find that such incidents are countless.  Too many children are paying for this cruel exam-oriented education with their lives. If there are only a couple of such things, we can say that they are just accidental events, but now such accidental events becomes often, it is not a simple event, but a social phenomenon. According to the “Chinese Children’s Suicide Report”, about 100,000 teenagers die by suicide every year in China. On average, one child commits suicide every 30 seconds and four attempted suicides. Can this shocking number make us reflect?

From the perspective of parents, it seems that there is only one way out for children by going   to a good university. To make their dreams realized they try their best to afford a school district house by working as a slave and living a life pinch and scrape. So that they can send their children to the so-called ‘good school’.

In the eyes of parents, all this ‘investment’ is for the children, and they will naturally regard the children as their hope of turning over, because the investment needs to be repaid, and stupid parents unconsciously regard the children as tools. They have done everything they can for their children, and children should be grateful, and they should do their best to reward them with excellent results. But it is impossible to achieve such a Utopian aim, because there is always only one champion. Because the Communist Party practices ‘genital governance’, what they recognize is blood, and their descendants have long monopolized all the “champions” . China’s ancestors were struck down by their ancestors, so they are the ruling class. Your children are not their offsring. Your chances of success are always limited. Even if you and your children do your best, you are just slaves to these masters.

Under the distorted education system created by them, you have become ‘house slaves’ in the school district for the so-called ‘good school’, and your children have become ‘score slave’ in order to succeed.

On the other hand, there is no need for the children of the ‘red generation’ to take the college entrance examination desperately They go abroad when they want to go abroad, and go to whatever school they want to go to. Isn’t a joke that they discuss the education equality with you with guns in their hands? When you and your children are fighting each other to gain the least room to climb up at the hellish bottom of the society, they are standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the ant-like you swallowing each other.

The current problems facing education are precisely the malignant tumours formed by the interaction of the political, economic, and belief issues of the entire society under the Communist Party.

The teacher assessment mechanism forces them to treat their children in an inhuman way. In order to improve their grades, they put extreme pressure on the children’s homework. When the children are unable to complete the homework, they cannot get the parents’ sympathy. Numerous parents are confused and become teachers’ accomplices. Become an accomplice of the system. Regardless of indiscriminate and indiscriminate, he often beats his own children, leaving them in a situation of isolation and helplessness. In order to keep their children from losing at the starting line, parents don’t hesitate to take out their pockets and give their children all kinds of tuition schools, so that their children had no time for themselves, no respite, and no taste of childhood joy.

However, in a society where the Communist Party monopolizes various resources, the reality that Chinese parents will never dare to face is: where your starting line is, the starting line of your child is. What you have tried so hard to get is not as good as what others have inadvertently given away. However, you are still running away, still loving your children pretendingly,If you do love them, you shouldn’t act as ostriches with heads buried in the woodpile and ass outside. If you really love your children, you should stand up to resist, overthrow this cannibalism system, and give your children a fair and just living environment, instead of crippling your own flesh and blood like a nightmare, letting your children fight, you should stand up and fight yourself!

At present, the twisted social and educational system are still and even worse continuing to abuse children physically and mentally, the lives of all Chinese people are too inferior to be mentioned in the face of the system. The happiness that people can feel basically comes from the instinct and inertia of life, or the illusion brought about by the improvement of material. In the eyes of those of us who have been educated and lost the ability to think, life and death are commonplace, and such a way of living is also commonplace. The experience of others will not affect our mood. Every life is like a lonely leaf, falling silently. The death of every child and even the parent is his own fate, which seems to have nothing to do with us. As long as this kind of bad luck doesn’t happen to ourselves, we will still live in the fictional plot that has been quiet for years.

However, my fellow citizens, if this evil system is not eliminated, how you can guarantee that you are not the next victim. Our birthright have been trampled on, and our precious lives has become the burial subjects of the system. And we have never really fought, we have never really fought for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Compatriots, wake up, don’t pretend to sleep anymore, you know better than anyone else, If this continues, not only will you have no future, your children and grandchildren will be slaves for generations. When the society is sick, it must be cured, and when the system is sick, it must be changed. The rotten Communist Party has come to its end. The global clarion call for annihilating the Communist Party has been sounded. Mr. Miles Guo is leading us to build our New Federal State without the Communist Party for the Chinese nation. Stand up and join the ranks of the New Chinese Federation for our descendants, destroy the Communist Party, and create a new image of our Chinese. We Chinese of New Federal State will never be slaves again!

Author:Wen Yong (文雍)from the Himalaya Farm named “Love Miles for Zisun”




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