【Wen Yong’s Miscellaneous Talk】What do high-ranking CCP officials mean by “organ waste”?

Recently, a seminar on organ transplantation held in Beijing by high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials has caused heated discussion on the Internet. The buzz was sparked by the new word “organ waste”, which sounds full of thrilling suspense.

The Communist China’s government passed a law in 1984 to allow the removal of organs from death row inmates. This is a typical draconian law that deprives death row inmates of their last bit of rights and dignity. Since then, organ transplantation has logically become a joint collaboration “industry” between hospitals and the judiciary.

On July 15, 2018, CCTV, which is the mouthpiece of CCP, mentioned organ transplantation in an interview on “One on One” with Huang Jiefu, who is the former Vice Minister in the Ministry of Health and organ transplant expert. Huang said: Back then, there was an agreement between the hospital and the prison that if I need an organ transplant, you would prepare it. Because of the strict requirements for organ transplants, the environment in which the prisoners were shot did not meet the requirements, which means that prisoners need to be transported to hospitals, executed (death penalty) and have their organs transplanted at the same time. This statement suggests that high-ranking CCP officials knew clearly that such a policy was tantamount to acquiescence in the cruel practice of live organ harvesting.

However, organ harvesting in the CCP is not simply for the purpose of curing diseases and saving lives. Ordinary patients have no chance to be saved because of the scarce resources, and only the high-ranking officials and elite of the CCP have the opportunity to extend their lives by possessing other people’s organs. These rulers have lost faith, and their evil deeds are beyond the imagination of kind people.

Huang Jiefu

It is Huang Jiefu, the same guy mentioned above, who has become popular again recently. He openly declared at Transplantation Science Symposium 2020 that there is a huge waste of organs in China! It sounds creepy, but he made it sound as easy and simple as the Clean Your Plate campaign to save food.

What is waste? Is it a waste to remove an organ from a person and throw away the rest? Or is it that, when a person is dying, certain body parts can be cut off and reused, or else wasted? Huang Jiefu also raised hopes for the China’s organ transplant industry, which is expected to become the world’s largest organ donor by 2023. He claimed that in line with the speed of economic development, the number of organ transplants in China should increase to 50,000 a year. However, this is a number that the Vice Minister is trying to hide, and I don’t know if he is really confused or just pretending to be. In fact, the annual number of organ transplant programs in 3A-grade hospitals in all provinces of China have already exceeded 100,000 cases. Vice Minister Huang is so conservative, his knowledge of the industry is just like a blind men touching the elephant.

Huang Youguang

Even more creepy, a professor at Fudan University named Huang Youguang has suggested that the government should make the consent of citizens to donate their organs as the default option. Combined with the professor’s statement, we know that there is another meaning to the Vice Minister’s claim of organ waste, and that is – all the dying Chinese flock have last chance to be fleeced to create GDP for the CCP. This is a very shocking statement. It literally means that when a person dies, the last thing that belongs to him or her – the body – will be taken by them. They will turn trash into treasure, dismembering other people’s remains and picking up useful body parts from the deceased to trade for money! This is an idea that even the devil would be afraid of, and yet it was presented as a proposal by a senior official of the Chinese Communist Party at a professional conference, which means that it has been carefully weighed.

Just like blood donations, your compassion is a tool for their profiteering, where the donor is unpaid while the person in need of a transfusion has to buy the blood! Donors donate their organs for free, but organ users pay exorbitant prices. For the evil CCP medical industrial chain, this is a business that requires zero investment but generates huge profit.

These kleptocrats disregard Chinese traditions and customs, ignore the basic humane order of ” Our body shouldn’t be hurt because everything that we have are given by our parents”, and openly trample on the people’s freedom to control their own bodies.

Someone once did a survey that the number of people willing to donate their organs in China is one in a million, which means that less than 1,500 out of 1.4 billion people are willing to donate their organs voluntarily. The concept may be updated over time, but the traditional mindset won’t be substantially changed in a short period of time. This means that organ donation is far short of the needs of the industry. In 2019, some rural areas in Guizhou, Xinjiang, Shanxi and other counties of the Communist China were the subject of a national medical checkup for 18-35 years old people, which was a hot topic at the time, and people wondered what tricks the CCP was going to play. Now this looks like a hunt for a lab rat sample! Imagine, in combination with the organ transplant industry, what would happen if a young adult man happened to be a successful match with a high-ranking official or his family member who was in desperate need of organs.   

As we all know, the greatest ability of special professors like Huang Youguang is their survival as weathercock person, doing the closing work for the evil CCP. Without the authorization of the Chinese Communist Party’s top brass, he would not dare to speak out. Now he mentioned that “the consent of citizens to donate organs as the default option”, such a complete disregard for human rights, trampling on humanity, devoid of human ethics words, that means that the bloodthirsty ghosts in the Zhongnanhai have begun to plan the bad things on the human body. After repeatedly harvesting one crop after another, the 1.4 billion Chinese flock have no money left. They were so poor that they had no value to be used, and only their bodies remained for themselves, but now, finally, even their bodies did not belong to them.

In the past three years, Mr. Guo has mentioned more than once that Meng Jianzhu and Jiang Zemin’s family members received organ transplants, but where did these organs come from? Since they can pick up human organs alive, they can also kill healthy, innocent people as needed. Because they have guns, in their minds, the lives of their loved ones are lives, the lives of the Chinese people are not lives, 1.4 billion people are just their laboratory rats, and they can take anyone’s organs whenever they want.

It is a common sense that organ donation should be voluntary. It is directly related to the freedom of human beings, who have the freedom to control their own bodies, and no political party can violate the freedom of others for any so-called noble reason. If a person does not own the last shell of his or her body, he or she cannot be called a human being, but only a breathing slave.

Take a good look,Sisters and Brothers! As long as this bloodthirsty devil, the CCP, exists in this world, no one will be safe. When the whole world sees how the CCP enslaves its own people, and when everyone recognizes the evil nature of the CCP, that will be the day of its demise. Only by acting in unity against communism can humanity has a future. 

Author:Wen Yong (文雍)from the Himalaya Farm named “Love Miles for Zisun”

Translator: Rosy Cloud (七彩霞)



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