Hong Kong Public Opinion Survey: 64% of respondents dissatisfied with the report, accused of self-deception, record low rating

Translator: Qiwang Mingtian Hui Genghao; Reviewer: Wencheng

Lin Zheng announced the fourth policy address during her tenure on the 25th.  The latest opinion poll in Hong Kong shows that 64% of the public are dissatisfied with this policy address, with a rating of only 27.2, the lowest since records began. Lin Zheng’s popularity rating also dropped to 26.8 marks. Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zhong Jianhua, pointed out that the figures show that the Policy Address does not help to restore public support, and he criticized the Policy Address for being too Vague measures, saying that it is difficult for public opinion to rebound during Lin Zheng term.

Hong Kong Minyan published the latest poll results on the 26th. The survey interviewed 713 people by phone or email yesterday, of whom only 19% said they were satisfied with the Policy Address and 64% were dissatisfied. The average rating was 27.2 marks (out of 100), the worst since the instant survey was recorded in 1999. In addition, 63% of respondents said their confidence in the future of Hong Kong had decreased after the Policy Address, with only 7% increasing, and 16% remaining unchanged. On the other hand, the popularity of Chief Executive Lin Zheng has dropped significantly after her Policy Address, with her latest rating of 26.8 marks, and 52% of the respondents gave her a zero.

Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinion’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zhong Jianhua, said that the rating of this year’s Policy Address is the lowest ever, “The government said there are 200 measures, yet it scored 27.2 marks even though they are so important. Believe that the score reflects that the policy address does not help restore people’s support.

 He reiterated that it would be difficult for the government to govern effectively if Lin Zheng refuses to face up to the society torn apart that has occurred since last year, and does nothing to turn the situation around. He described the ratings of the Chief Executive and principal officials as “catastrophic”, referring to the fact that over  40% of the respondents gave a zero rating to Lin Zheng for a long period of time, which he described as a “hostile rating”, reflecting the unresolved conflicts accumulated over the past year and a half.

Regarding the specific measures in the report, Mr. Zhong Jianhua said that the measures to benefit Hong Kong, such as “one river, two banks” and a technology platform with Shenzhen, are very vague and “frankly speaking, not a single line has been crossed. He also criticized that The scheme of overseas voting is riddled with flaws, making it difficult to monitor the voting stations and ensure fair election.

In addition, the Police Superintendent’s caution in dealing with underage arrestees is offensive to Lin Zheng, who is “hypocritical and harboring evil intentions,” Zhong Jianhua  pointing out that Lin Zheng has recently used the harshest charges to prosecute young people and questioning that the measures are aimed at inducing young people to confess to crimes, believing that young people who have been arrested and charged indiscriminately will not accept it.

Regarding Lin Zheng statement on the radio broadcast program this morning that she did not value popular opinion figures and was discredited, Zhong Jianhua criticized her for being irresponsible, saying that political leaders must be authorized by the people and must have sufficient credibility that not taking public opinion figures seriously is just avoiding the issue, “the spirit of Q, self-deception, and making excuses for failure.

He also disagrees that Lin Zheng was maliciously discredited, saying that “Not just one person is smearing her, but more than 50 % of the people are giving her zero marks. He believed that given her negative attitude and behavior, it would be difficult for her popularity to rebound during her term, and that “it would be hard for her to go up to 35%.

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