To Tear the CCP Apart, Use Songs and Other Wise Methods


In the live broadcast with Tang Ping and William King on November 15, 2020, Miles Guo expressed his heartfelt gratitude to them for their invaluable contribution to the Whistleblower Movement, and said that taking down the CCP with songs is not just a slogan, but actions. Miles said that all the songs for taking down the CCP, including “Drinking Down the CCP”, have had a massive influence across China. According to the real statistics inside Apple, the number of downloads merely in HK, Taiwan and Japan has already reached astronomical figures.


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So, Sister Tang and Brother William, you two are both geniuses. The value you two geniuses brought to the Whistleblower Movement is huge, and Brother Miles can’t thank you too much. Because taking down the CCP with music really started with you two, and the influence is huge.

Have you ever thought about the impact of the two songs on the Chinese world? In China, at the table, in the forest, and in the Old Area···

Yesterday, one of our brothers-in-arms in Guangxi said: Brother Miles, when I went back to my hometown, my fellow-townsman played your songs to me.

“Do you wang to listen to Miles new song?” said his fellow-townsman.

And then he played the song.

This BIA said that he didn’t say anything along the way because he still concerned his safety. He said that everyone was playing the song,

and what moved him most was that all his fellow-townsmen love this song so much. They all know William King, Tang Ping, and Miles Guo. Even our Sister Q and the Brother Blind, their names are catchy. As well as our big-head brother Lude Rinpoche, everyone knows him. And Dr. Yan, they all know her.

We Whistleblower Movement must use intelligent methods to take down the CCP and spread our NFSC with songs.

And we really did it!

Thank you so much, Sister Tang Ping and Brother William King.

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Truth be told, when we are talking about this song, I’m still dumbfounded.

Especially my classmates in the Northeast China.

After they listened to my songs, because they all grew up with me,

they all know how lethal my singing was.

Many of my classmates children are DJs in the Northeast China. I listen to their children’s DJs (Sets) every day when I exercise.

They are all my friends’ children, all big hits, and I listen to their songs. Wow, I listen to them every morning. They are all children of my classmates; you know it? They are all DJs now, and they all go back and tell their parents that their Uncle Guo is really amazing now. He said that they go to clubs as DJs every night.

Ecstasy now is very popular underground in Northeast China,Very popular. People there are severely poisoned by it. I love DJs in Northeast-China style, because I used to live there after all.

And I still love Mix, the feeling, as well as Song-and-Dance Duet in Northeastern Mandarin. I can understand what they sing, so I always listen to the songs when I exercise. My classmates and their children told me that the influence of the songs, including Drinking Down the CCP, Roar of the Vast Sea, Fight for Hong Kong, really shocked them. They all secretly played the song, Take down the CCP, just like listening to Teresa Tengs songs in those years.

Someone in Dandong was reported because he played this song all night.

The police came and rebuked them, but they continued to played the song. The police said: The head asked us to come, so we have to, but you can keep singing.

So now you know that to take down the CCP with songs is not just a slogan, my sister.

Time Line: 1:12:51-1:13:36

William King:

I believe that your song, Drinking Down the CCP, is even more destructive to the CCP, and is in higher level than the song, Soar of the Vast Sea.

Any Chinese people who were not so devoid of conscience will put their hands to know what had happened and will soon complete their anti-brainwash after listening to the song.

Honestly speaking, this song is too powerful, especially the lyrics in the middle: The People of NFSC will never be slaves, is very destructive to the CCP.

Because this song shows the process of my awakening, especially the chorus, indicates the four steps of my awakening.

When you follow the Whistleblower Movement, you’ll know that Whistleblower Movement is just a bowl of liquor. The process of drinking the four bowls of liquor of the Whistleblower Movement is the process of your awakening.

So I believe everyone is awakened in this way.

Time Line: 1:15:33-1:16:11

One more thing you, William, hasnt noticed is that the biggest effect with this song is that it has generation-link effect.

Do you know what is generation-link effect? Its generation connection, the effect through generation after generation, which is not seen in other songs.

This song will be very popular among adolescents, because its international style, and its Rocknroll. Anyone, including adolescent, will like it. People over 60, even 80 will like it. People in Guangdong, Shanghai, and Northeast China will like it.

It could be played in an underground dancery or in the army.

Time Line: 1:18:37-1:19:03

At least, I know someone in China could understand the song, someone you will never know. Because some BIAs inside the CCP tell me at any time that who listened to and downloaded the song through Blockchain.

We know it clearly well.

In this regard, we Chinese do better than Americans. We Chinese did a great job in the field of Big Data.

Why could CCP change all our statistics, and everything about our songs?

Because I know its capable.

Time Line: 1:22:36-1:23:06

One year later, you two will truly know the significance of Drinking Down the CCP. If it does not have such a big influence, the CCP will not change our statistics.

Yesterday, our BIA sent me the (downloads):75,000. Then I asked him what exactly it is, and he said that two more zero could be added.

I asked: You’re exaggerating?

He replied that the downloads merely in HK, Taiwan and Japan are astronomical.

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