Bombshell on LUDE Media: CDA 230 Soon to be Terminated

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In-depth analysis of President Trump’s twitter post and video on LUDE Media morning program on November 27, 2020:

  1. President Trump tweeted on the termination of CDA 230 (Communications Decency Act) [1]
  1. CDA 230 [2] is a shield, which protects U.S. technology companies from taking on legal liabilities for whatever third parties post on their platforms. Secondly, those technology companies could remove third-party posts for certain reasons with no legal liabilities.
  2. The most notable difference in the tweet was the mentioning of national security and immediate termination.
  3. As is customary in the U.S.A, legislation requires a minimal 50% vote to pass, while the repeal of a bill requires a minimal two-thirds vote of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Finally, it requires President sign-off in order to take effect.
  4. It is entirely possible, based on Attorney Powell’s previous pleadings as a template, to use intelligence testimonies to convince the court of the CCP crimes against U.S. national security through its media manipulation. The President could then issue an executive order directly to terminate the CDA 230, leaving no standing for technology companies to appeal.
  5. A two-thirds vote of Congress is required to repeal Presidential Executive Orders (especially those involving national security threads). Since President Trump has gained a great deal of support from the American people, President Trump shall soon repeal CDA 230.
  6. Behind the scenes, CDA 230 is also the result of a balance of interests of major influential groups. As those major influential groups begin to realize the CCP’s infiltration, they will also facilitate the repeal of the Act.
  7. Once the Act is repealed, these technology companies will face numerous lawsuits, large compensations, and antitrust splitting.
  8. U.S. National Security Directives may be unpublished and unregistered, by which President Trump could authorize Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Bannon to conduct secret investigations.
  9. The enemy must be identified before National Security Directives can be used and Iran and the Chinese Communist Party are now determined by President Trump as America’s enemies.
  10. This comprehensive political operation is a big game, in which the Whistleblower Movement has been playing a very significant role.

The Whistleblower Movement, started and led by Mr. Miles Guo, has begun exposing the conspiracy of the CCP since 2017, which led to the transformation of the U.S.-China relationship from an alliance in 2017 to today’s hostile relationship. The transformation started with the COVID-19, and then the CCP manipulated the U.S. election, as well its Infiltration of the U.S. Justice System. All these efforts have completely awakened U.S. major influential groups, and all they want to do now is to drain the swamp and to take down the CCP.

2. Important messages revealed from President Trump’s Video Speech

Highlights of President Trump’s speech on November 26, 2020 [3]:

  1. Some said that no one knows the ownership of Dominion and the election count was conducted overseas. In fact, regarding Dominion, it is worse than that.
  2. The machine count could be modified to favor one side over another, simply by modifying the chip. This is what happened in the swing states, especially in Detroit.
  3. President Trump says that time is now on his side and that everything, especially the facts, are on his side.
  4. The vote count curve was very smooth until the sudden stop of counting.  And then there was a spike.
  5. President Trump made it clear: a lot will happen between now and January 20th.
  6. There were many machine “glitches”, and each “glitch” caused a flip from Trump to Biden. Cheating and stealing were caught.
  7. President Trump indicated that they (the CCP) used COVID-19 in order to deceive the people.
  8. President Trump said that Tech giants still use CDA 230 as a shield, which is disgraceful. (President Trump later tweeted about it)
  9. In fact, President Trump won the election by a landslide. Even though the main media does not report it, the American people know what happened.

Analysis as follows:

  1. President Trump has access to intelligence sources, and it was well planned in advance, which allows him to have more insights than ordinary people.
  2. President Trump again mentioned the media’s use of CDA 230 to deceive the American people, which implies that he may repeal this Act.
  3. From all above, it is very clear that President Trump knows that he is winning the election for certain.



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