Summary of the Mr. Mask Show (Nov 27, 2020)

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Dear comrades in arms, everyone, I’m Mr. Mask

1. My comrades-in-arms, President Trump sent a tweet today. It is estimated that it will not be long before President Trump will stop tweeting. Maybe it will be Getter. President Trump just tweeted that the Section 230 must be terminated immediately. This is definitely one of the greatest gifts given by President Trump and the great United States, to the New Federal States of China, to 1.4 billion Chinese compatriots, and even to the world as well as the next era. The age of the old world, the old media, the most powerful weapon of this age controlled by the evil capitalists and social media is coming to an end. The great era of GNEWS, GTV and the G series, a media representing truth, justice, future, sunshine, hope, and God, is coming and no one can stop it.

2. President Trump’s tweet hinted at the next action (termination of Section 230). All promising countries and elites with ideas for the future, the political elites who stand up at the most critical moment in the United States are the real elites, such as Mr. Giuliani, lawyer Powell, and a series of silent forces behind the scenes. They are all doing the same thing: Taking Down The CCP. In contrast, all the so-called neutrality of free media, social media, and news media are all shit. They chose to keep quiet when all mankind needed truth the most. They chose to side with CCP when all of mankind needed justice the most. They took money from the CCP, they were BGY by the CCP and spoke for the evil. At this most critical moment, when truth is most needed, GNEWS, GTV, and G series have been moving forward, and people of the New Federal States of China have stepped forward when people needed them the most. In this great era, changes in all aspects are coming and this trend and force is unstoppable. The truly powerful strength is pushing the world in the right direction. It is the power of God; it is definitely not dictatorship, despotism, or hooliganism.

3. President Trump tweeted that for national security, Section 230 must be terminated immediately. Section 230 is the talisman for all media, referring to the “Communications Decency Act” enacted by the United States in 1996. The two main points are: 1) The Internet service provider does not need to take legal responsibility for the words and deeds of third-party users; 2) The Internet service provider reserves the right to restrict insulting speech out of good faith, and give it the power to take technical measures to limit offensive content. Its origin is mainly related to two lawsuits in the United States in the 1990s. Social media and CCP’s diamond cover and iron pants will be taken off one by one. When the amulet of social media is taken off, it will pave the way for our G series. This is an opportunity for our G series to use our actions and strength to win in the battle between human life and death. Every material we issued at that time was exclusive to the world. What about other media in this world?

4. On the Internet, a Mr. Yuan made some comments on the plot of a certain netizen surnamed Li and a certain media’s scolding war. He made some comments on the eunuchs’ culture and phenomenon under the ruling the CCP. Let’s just listen and relax.

5. My comrades in arms, there are two things you don’t need to worry about. One is President Trump’s election, and the other is the destruction of CCP. Let’s take a look at a tweet posted by Lawyer Powell yesterday. It clearly stated in the 104-page legal proceedings that at least 96,600 votes were illegally recorded in the election results. Georgia is just one of many cheating states. It’s a case of corruption in which the Republican bureaucrats conduct political transactions with the Democratic Party behind the scenes and conduct money transactions with CCP. The legal proceedings of lawyers Powell and Linwood will clarify the truth. President Trump will win. Why does CCP want BGY the NGOs? It only dares to invite those bought by them to investigate the CCP virus. Recently, they wanted to invite the WHO. Why not invite the United States? It knows that as long as the United States investigates, the truth will be revealed. This is exactly the same as the general election. As long as one state, one problem and one case are investigated, all the truth will be revealed.  The fake is bound to be dismantled, just like this virus. As long as the general election is over, our super nuclear bomb-Dr. Yan will be on the scene. CCP, if you say that the virus is not yours, then let the U.S. go and investigate. If you don’t let them go, it means you did it. CCP elimination is carried out in accordance with the established plan.

6. In addition, a retired colonel who has served in the military for 30 years said in a (Pennsylvania) court that he had been engaged in information warfare, electronic warfare, special electronic warfare, military fraud and anti-fraud in the second half of his career. His team started investigating in August, and as far as he knows, many of the same teams have joined the battle. They pointed out various warnings, and many teams found anomalies in the general election. The voting systems across the United States and Pennsylvania are designed for manipulation. These systems allow authorized and unauthorized users to cancel, transfer, pre-load, or count blank votes. All functions can be operated in real time based on a huge number and comprehensively controlled from top to bottom. The same cheating effect can be achieved regardless of whether it is a single crime or an organized crime. In the words of an out-of-state insider, this system is like a gambling game, and the person who ultimately manages the gambling system always wins. When these evidences are shown, the outcome of the election will be doomed. Our comrade-in-arms, Ms. Qu Shuitai’s tweets: “The sea beasts have been released.” Attorney Powell filed a 104-page long complaint in Georgia to expose and accuse the state of large-scale fraud with huge amounts of facts and evidence. Georgia’s governor, secretary of state, and election commission officials will have a busy Thanksgiving.

7. President Trump tweeted that Twitter is sending out completely wrong trends (information). These trends have nothing to do with the real trends in the world. They make up only “negative” things. The same thing will happen to Twitter.

My comrades in arms, Twitter should also be over, it should be over, our G series are going to step on Nezha’s Hot Wheels. How long has GNEWS and GTV been born? It’s just a baby and maybe the umbilical cord hasn’t been cut yet, now it has such a big influence in the world. What is this concept, comrades? Compared with these companies that have been for many years, how much development will the G series have in the future? Dare to think about it!

8. The Pentagon removed 11 well-known advisers from the National Defense Policy Committee, including former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright, and retired Admiral Gary Roughead. Most of the consultants of the Ministry of National Defense are making suggestions. If they want to fight CCP, what are the advantages and disadvantages given by these people? Is Russia the number one enemy of the United States or the CCP? For example, it is suggested that Russia or Iran pose a greater threat to the United States, and the CCP should be a row back… These people (swamps) buried in the U.S. military who are influential in the next strategic action of the United States will be removed all at once. I guess that all those people who don’t want to fight the CCP or it thinks it’s wrong to fight the CCP may have to be replaced, and put on those who recognize that CCP is the biggest threat, and those people who are now the most urgent task of mankind. According to Miles Guo, President Trump has not found the feeling of being president before, and many powers are useless. Now that the knife has just been unsheathed, it is estimated that the sharpening will begin to cut the Red Devils. As a country like the United States, there are systems and rules, the separation of powers, the foundation of democracy and public opinion. All of these cannot be missing. Once these various departments reach an agreement in accordance with the rules and laws of the United States, it is absolutely impossible for anyone to reverse it. So, this is what Miles Guo said that the United States is slow, but once it starts, no one can change it again.

9. Reuters reported in London on November 27 that the United Kingdom will implement a new competition mechanism next year to prevent Google and Facebook from using their dominant positions to crowd out smaller businesses and disadvantaged consumers. The regulation will be implemented by a special department of the Competition and Markets Authority CMA. It said this year that new regulations are needed to restrain tech giants.
My comrades-in-arms, this is what I said, the influence and control of the entire social media on the human world is not limited to the United States but also in other countries. The world has set off against the whole old world, these rogue media, political media, media that helps CCP conceal the truth, media that serve interests (clean-up operations). They will be scrutinized by all mankind, not just in the United States. The era of these media controlled by interest groups which try to rule the world is completely over. It is no coincidence that the United States will amend Section 230 and the United Kingdom will introduce new competition regulations.

10. Let’s take a look at two news from CCP:

This reference news reported is just a double play between Xi and Biden. According to Reference News reported, overseas media said that the Biden team actively responded to the Chinese congratulatory message. An official from the Biden team said that they were grateful to all the world leaders who sent congratulations, including President Xi. CCP saw that Biden wanted to retreat, but they gave him a kick to let him continue; asked him to rush forward and not look back. Biden saw that there was a fire pit in front of him. He realized that he was losing and that he would be arrested if he broke the law. CCP doesn’t care about these, so you have to jump, you must go. No one who cooperates with CCP will end well. Either you are exhausted, or you are used to death, this is the end. So, follow the Communist Party into the crematorium and follow the New China Federation to the future. This is not an empty talk; the new facts will prove everything! When we look at Wang Yi again, he can’t sit still and visit South Korea. It is proposed to deepen the strategic cooperation between the two countries and to resolve the Korean Peninsula issue through dialogue to achieve the goal of denuclearization on the peninsula. This is purely acting as a show, and he has to show it to others, right? Here the US Secretary of State Pompeo went to the Middle East and Europe, Japan and South Korea. He has to be seen by others. I have brothers, right? I also have some people, friends, and strategic partners talking to me. However, all are dying from struggling.

11. After President Trump’s next bill is enacted, everyone will see what’s going to happen. This includes more people being pardoned and more people going to jail. It all depends on these people’s own choices, whether to choose CCP, go to prison, go to hell, or choose the New Federal States of China and move towards the future. Those who believe in CCP become more ignorant, more snobbery and even less able to find true happiness. Apart from work and overtime, life is trivial. CCP has designed a set for each (common people), prepared a mouse nest for everyone, and blocked them all with the Internet wall. You eat whatever they feed you. While you eat poisonous food, they’re eating special food. You will definitely be overwhelmed by car loans, or overwhelmed by housing loans. This is the status that Chinese people are not as good as dead under the rule of CCP. Only the CCP can be eliminated. Of course, the whole world is basically rushing to eliminate it. The elites who now stand up are truly American patriots with a sense of justice and great wisdom. Elimination of CCP is the mainstream of the current times, the requirement of paradise, and the need of justice. Comrades in arms, let’s wait and see. I believe more things will happen!

Well, dear brothers and sisters, thank you for having our comrades in arms, we will see you in the next issue!

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