Government Watchdog Group Filed Complaint Against the Penn Biden Center

By 莫黎

Credit: Chase Sutton

Paul Kamenar, senior counsel at the National Legal and Policy Center said on One American News that former Deputy Secretary of State, Tony Blinken has been associated with an institution called the Penn Biden Center, which creates a potential conflict of interest if he would become Secretary of State in a future administration.

A few months ago, the National Legal Policy Center filed a complaint with the Department of Education against the Penn Biden Center, claiming that the Biden Center has been receiving over $70 million since 2017, of which $22 million was anonymous donations from China.

Kamenar pointed out that the Biden Center has been very solicitous to China since the day it was opened. The Biden Center held a symposium earlier this year about China, and they did not criticize China for its cover-up of the coronavirus. Instead, the Biden Center attacks NATO allies like Hungary and Poland for being undemocratic on the way they handled the coronavirus.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, before he ran and announced in February 2019, received approximately $900,000 from the University of Pennsylvania for teaching a couple lectures, making a few appearances.

Kamenar, together with the Department of Justice, have filed a complaint stating that both the Penn Biden Center and Hunter Biden should be registered on foreign agents’ registration.

Hunter Biden, meanwhile, has his connection with the Chinese financial company that he and his partner were getting millions of dollars from, and Hunter was making connections while Joe Biden was the Vice President of the Obama Administration. Therefore, it’s all triggered the registration of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Kamenar addressed that the Biden Center is some kind of shadow government, many of the staff at the Center are old friends from the Obama-Biden Administration, and Tony Blinken was once the managing director. Kamenar said that the Justice Department and FBI should be looking into the case because of the national security implications of the Chinese money connections with the Biden Center.


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