Breaking! President Trump: Section 230 Must be Immediately Terminated!!!

Just now, President Trump tweeted, “For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!”

The Communications Decency Act (CDA) is a 1996 law that regulates the Internet, and the part of the law that is still in effect today is Section 230, also known as “CDA 230,” which provides protection from liability for online platforms, according to a report by “Himalaya UK”. This provision exempts ISPs from liability for the words and actions of third-party users, and also protects ISPs from restricting offensive content in good faith, or giving others the right to take technical steps to restrict offensive content. This clause can be summarized in two parts: first, any statements made by third-party users on the Internet platform are at their own risk of legal consequences and are not associated with the Internet platform in any way. Second, if an Internet platform, in good faith, subjectively considers certain speech to be offensive, the Internet platform may restrict the relevant offensive content, or authorize a third party to restrict it by technical means.

President Trump’s tweets followed a two-tweet attack on the fake media and Twitter, saying that the fake news media collusion prevented the true message of today’s press conference from getting through, and that Twitter was pushing completely false “trends” that had nothing to do with real trends in the world.

The main point of President Trump’s conference today was: “The 2020 Election was RIGGED, and I WON!”

Himalaya Spain’s official Parler account, stay tuned!

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