Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Nov 26,2020

Jojo, Toronto Maple Leaf Farm

Why President Trump Suddenly Let Go of 11 Leading Advisers from the Defense Policy Board

• The Trump administration removed 11 globalists and pro-Communists from Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee on Wednesday, including Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, and Jane Harman. It implies:
o U.S. Defense Policy will change significantly, especially regarding China.
o President Trump will get re-elected 1000%.
o The interest groups have now realized that if they continue to follow these pro-Communists’ advice and cooperate with the Communist Party, they will do themselves a disservice.

• The media and social media should know that it is always a tsunami in favor of President Trump, and they should stop interfering with freedom of speech.
o Anti-Trump New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared to begin taking a stand for President Trump This week, he indicated the media did not treat the president with the respect that the office commands.
o Sidney Powell warned in one of her tweets: “the big tech companies, Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all into suppressing the freedom of speech to challenge this outrageous election fraud. “ And she attaches sworn testimony showing that Communist forces infiltrated the election in favor of Joe Biden.

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