Chinese Communist Party Threatens to Settle Accounts of “Taiwan Independence” Die-Hards

  • Editor: Victor Torres
  • Translator: Ranting

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The Chinese Communist Party’s Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press conference on 25 March, and spokesperson Zhu Fenglian threatened to settle accounts of “Taiwan independence” die-hards against Taiwan. The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign propaganda, Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao reported on the 15th, Beijing is studying the development of a list of “Taiwan independence” die-hards, to take severe sanctions and other measures against them, according to the anti-secession law, criminal law, national security law to bring them to justice, lifelong pursuit of responsibility.

The list of “Taiwan independence” die-hards, Zhu Fenglian said, is aimed at a very small number of “Taiwan independence” die-hards and their main supporters, such as financial owners, not against the majority of Taiwan compatriots. She stressed that a handful of “Taiwan independence” stubborn elements have long been instigating cross-strait confrontation, undermining cross-strait relations and endangering peace in the Taiwan Strait, and it is clear to everyone that this account will be settled.

In fact, the list is targeted at the majority of freedom- and democracy-loving people in Taiwan, and all those who do not want to be enslaved by the CCP will be labeled “Taiwan independence” by the CCP and threatened with persecution. It is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has really stirred up cross-strait confrontation, damaged cross-strait relations, and endangered peace in the Taiwan Strait. Under the guise of safeguarding and promoting the well-being of the people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, they are only protecting the interests of a few powerful families of the Chinese Communist Party.

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